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Social Studies Fair Projects

Lillie Said:

I need to find a social studies fair project that deals with innovation in government. please help?

We Answered:

Ask Robin Hood!!

Marian Said:

WTF is a social studies fair project?

We Answered:

plagarism is you use verbatim and not give them credit,,,, i would say do a power point,,,, art work,,,,,

Thomas Said:

I need help thinking of a good social studies fair project that has nothing to do with history.?

We Answered:

hes somthin that u could is find a website that can trace ur history to c what u are
lik religion or waz ur ancenstors white or black or even where ur from
itz really a good idea i did it & i got a 97 on it

Joshua Said:

I need some "GOOD" examples of social studies fair projects that will al least give me a B or better.

We Answered:

Social Studies fair project is a big topic. I am also not sure what grade you are I am not sure if this is a good answer. How about pick a topic (women's rights, discrimination, drugs, safety, world news, current events) and do a survey. You can print up question sheets and have your friends, family, and classmates answer them. For your fair, you can present your findings on a poster or something.

Jay Said:

Easy But Informal Social Studies Fair Project?

We Answered:

-the great depression
-dust bowl
-native americans

something major that happened in the history.

Hazel Said:

Catchy title for social studies fair project about cell phones and diving?

We Answered:

Hang Up for Your Life
The Ring Tone of Doom
Two Things at Once? Both Suffer
Blue Tooth or Consequences
Hands Free - Fears Flee
Juggling in the Traffic Jungle?

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