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Social Studies Books

Antonio Said:

What are some good children's books that I can use and incorporate Social Studies? (K-6)?

We Answered:

Sign of the beaver,native americans nearly adopt boy left to guard his family land and cabin.Becomes a white brother to boy whose parents were killed by white men.
Freedom Writers,made into movie.Check out movie for your benefit too,teens in gangs learn the biggest gang ever was the Nazis and how they must unite races for truth or lose life itself.They combine their stories of racial hardships and publish to get the truth out.
Freak the Mighty,small crippled boy ,very
smart and big boy picked on for lack of brains team up.Save each other from lonely,dark existence
Bridge to terribithia,young boy makes friends with the new "girl" in town.She's not so girly and opens his imagination and heart.
All these are pretty advanced.My son reads very well though.I think in part because I Challenged him with good books with big vocab.I also read him UK and other foreign authors to challenge
his idea of structure of English and story telling style.
Sorry not too many "younger " books I remember.Little Britches by Moody, seriously sad at end,but true.I don't think
K-3 are ready for serious biography like Ann Frank.The Arthur series refers to a lot of social issues,wishbone ,on PBS also good at making understandable for younger audiences.Check out their website.Canada has some good
educational programing on their side too.Don't know about online.Amazon has a list of Newberry and other awards.These go back many years and span many ideas.Then there is Daniel Pinkwater.most independent writer of this time.From preschool to adult.All are strange and fun.

Francis Said:

Books for social studies?

We Answered:

The Qur'an has a lot that discusses on what you are looking for, just follow the link below to download it in Swedish

also google Hadith for more info

Lena Said:

how do i get better in social studies?

We Answered:

Write down some of things in the book you don't understand and then look them up on the Internet when you get home. Isn't social studies about countries; their exports and climates etc?

Seems like you could find out all you need just Googling.

Alex Said:

Calling all social studies teachers: recommend books for a new history teacher!

We Answered:

Do I have the book for you! Get 'Lies My Teacher Told'. It is a very well written book about the twisting and rewriting of history. Talks about how Columbus was actually a greedy murderer instead of the hero the we light to portray him as. Talks about the genocide of the American Indians and much, much more. Great for high school students that are beginning to read critically.

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scientists biography said:

When you go to learn about social studies and the different parts in this era, you of course used to learn there are more scientists who effected and explained everything to the nature of laws and this is almost been proved to be so right by the time.