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How To Study Better

Rosa Said:

How can I study better and get higher grades in class tests and exams?

We Answered:

I think there is no rules you can follow in order to get better grades.

Everyone has their style of studying. Some people can only understand something if they talk it with someone else, some people can be very visual so they need to draw it out or write it out, some people have to hear it so they need to talk it out so that they hear themselves. Also, know where you can concentrate most. Some people can only concentrate when it is absolutely dead quiet. Some people like it when it is noisy. Some people like to study when it is dark outside.

Once you know your own style of learning, try to study in those environment or with that kind of condition. Your concentration level should improve and you can remember better which should result in better grade in school.

Laura Said:

How to remember what you study better?

We Answered:

As a student, I would use blank business card size cards (not 3x5 inch index cards) to write out flash cards for myself.

When we study from our notes, we tend to look over these very familiar pages and be thinking, "Well, I know all this stuff." When you use flash cards, you are really testing yourself instead of just reading and re-reading. You will be able to sort into three catagories of confidence after a few self-tests. 1. Stuff you know perfectly and don't need to study any more. 2. Stuff you kind of know but could still work on. 3. Stuff you don't have a clue on.

If you can't fit all the information for a self test question on a single business card, then you need to break the information down into smaller chunks. The cards are small enough to carry with you all the time, just use rubber bands to keep your 3 levels of confidence sorted.

If you study long, you study wrong. If you have neglected your studies throughout the year and are thinking to make up for this by cramming for 4 days, you are not getting much out of your studies. The key to top grades is to study regularly all through the course, with frequent review of units already completed.

PS You can get the cards from a print shop. Ask around for the best price as quotes can vary wildly.

Rick Said:

How can you remember what you study better?

We Answered:

make up SILLY NAMES for those important key points. Seriously, that might not sound scholarly, but my geography teacher has done that to the class every day and every single idea sticks to my head and I only need to do a little review before exams. For example, I applied this to my Indian religion class: Dharma is a term we have to memorize and it means the 'universal law, order and goodness"; Whenever I read that I go Dharma "and Greg" because when I was little I used to watch some episodes (though I was not a fan!) but the point was, Darma was a US law attorney in the show and that connects right to what I have to memorize. What does dharma mean? Something to do with law.... Oh yeah universal law, order and goodness: Done.

Leah Said:

Why do I seem to study better with music playing in the background?

We Answered:

You're crazy! I use ear plugs to study

Mitchell Said:

How can I study better for school?

We Answered:

The best thing to do is to work with procrastination rather than against it. There's no point in saying I'm going to read all my notes today and do some past paper questions, all you end up doing is going on Yahoo Answers for most of the day.

Set realistic goals. If the best you can do is 20 minutes of concentration then an hours break then that's how you should organise your days. A little bit of quality revision each day for about 2 weeks before an exam achieves the same as 9-5 in the library for a whole month.

So to keep yourself motivated don't let revision take over your day, just do what makes you comfortable and each day you'll find yourself working a little bit harder.

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