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Home Study Courses Uk

Carol Said:

astronomy course in the UK?

We Answered:

I am looking at them as well. There is a starter course (link below).

I found that one I did recently (maths) showed me, that after many years away from learning, are looking for answers to be presented correctly and well understood and information given to a required standard. Something I had to re learn.

This looks like my next step on the ladder, the later ones need more time and money. Personally I am going to dip my toe with this one and see how I can further my learning with this one.

The interactive checks help as well. There are comments as well to peruse.

Ralph Said:

vampirology degree in UK?

We Answered:

*sigh* not that I know of... no.
The closest I could find was Mythology.…

Warren Said:

Voice Coaching courses in the UK?

We Answered:

have you looked into LAMDA london academy of music and dramatic art.
i went to them as a kid up to the age of 19 for voice coach lessons and they have exmas that you can take and eventualyl become a voice coach.
i'm sure they have somethign similar in scotland.

Veronica Said:

Home education courses?

We Answered:

most of these courses are valued by employers, some even prefer them to courses done in colleges as they show you can work independently.

if you are abroad or intend to get a job abroad i suggest you choose an international qualification like the IGCSE (i do not know what level you need so i cannot recommend specific ones).

some jobs require on the job/hands on experience that cannot be learnt through distance learning. the courses are still good as you need the knowledge before you can get hands on experience.

as for companies that provide courses i recommend oxford open learning ( or national Extension college (

hope i have helped, if you need more you are welcome to email me.

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