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Home Study A Levels

Frances Said:

How many hours a week should I be studying for an A Level?

We Answered:

Actually it depends on the lecture and your abilities, also IQ level.

For each chapter you should spend at least 3 hours in general and everyday you should practice it again for 5 minutes before starting the next chapter.

Stacy Said:

Can you study A-Levels from home without a tutor?

We Answered:

As you're already 16 and beyond the compulsory education phase you need not worry about any jobsworth overseeing you or what you're doing or not doing. Well, except for your mum of course! You would however still have to go and sit in an exam hall at some point and write the exams.

The only other A Level provider I know of that Firebird hasn't already given you are… and…

PS Have you ever heard of something called "avoidant personality disorder" ? To me, what you describe sound heaps more as if you may have an avoidant personality rather than schizophrenia or a schizophrenic personality disorder. Again don't ask me how I know, just know that I do know. Anyways that's irrelevant. Just wanted to give you this URL… You might find some stuff there to help you until you can go and discuss things with your GP/Practice Nurse. And no, he or she will not tell your mum how you're feeling or what you're going through. Their professional codes mean they are simply not allowed to discuss your problems with your mum, or anyone else. That is, they won't unless you want them to.

Ashley Said:

is it possible to self study A levels at home and take an exam somewhere?

We Answered:

Yes. Firstly you need to decide whether you are going to study through a distance learning course, an evening class, or totally independent. If you decide to go the latter route you need to get hold of a copy of the syllabus and past papers - these are available on line. You would then need to find out if there are any texts/textbooks that support the exam and decide whether they will be useful.

Your best bet for being allowed to take an exam as an external candidate is to contact colleges - you could do this in advance to find out which syllabus they study (this could make it easier for them to arrange).

Virginia Said:

I would like to study A- levels from home, Which websites do you guys suggest would be the best ?

We Answered:

ICS learn seems best. you will have to pay the exam fee (about £150) , and go to the exam at your local college / exam center.each course pack will set you back about £350.
you really dont want to go to college?
If your 16-19 go to sixth form college for free and get EMA grants!!. If your over you can apply for an adult mantaince grant - and phone your college to see if they have alevel course for adults and fee information

Mattie Said:

Can you study A-Levels from home?

We Answered:

An intelligent and motivated person could study an A Level from home with a few suitable textbooks. The only problem would be where there is a coursework component because it has to be assessed by a centre.

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