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Higher Studies In Usa

Marc Said:

How to get into MIT for higher studies?

We Answered:

You need to have very decent standardized examination scores plus finished decently within your current 1st degree university.....and write an impressive enough essay in your own words that shows your passion in a particular topic (within that field) that you are interested in...there would be professors that have vacancies for TA/RA positions (since their existing TAs/RAs would be getting their PhDs soon) that would be willing to recruit qualified students to join their team and get used to them, teach and assist in research for at least 4 years. These professors with budgets for TAs/RAs normally have project works/ideas that may be 'enough work' to get their close-'disciples' the terminal degree.

Nicholas Said:

i would like to do higher studies in to apply for that?

We Answered:

Dude! i would be happy to help you... first if your planning to transfer and continue your studies here in US you need to apply for your transcript evaluation so that colleges and universities or watever schools you want to go can compare your local subjects you had and in that way they can credit those and you dont need to take the same subjects you had before... the best credential evaluation i know is the WES... (world education services) website is - print out the application form for evaluation and fill it up with the correct infos... then send it to your institution/s where you had your classes...

Its easy just follow the steps there and your set... just a tip- you need to inform your institution to directly mail ur official transcript of records to WES.... just in case they dont know :)

Now that ur set with the evaluation all you need to do now is to find a school here.....

one more thing The evaluation is quite expensive but its worth it if you come to think of it.... i hope i helped you!

Violet Said:

i have completed my graduation in law from india i need to have my higher studies in usa wats the scope?

We Answered:

Try the College Board search at:…
You can search for schools by many critia including majors,location, price, school size, and plus lots more. This is a great tool. You can also ask find information for international students.

Keith Said:

After finishing AMIE can we appear in GRE for higher studies in USA or canada ??

We Answered:

The GRE website does not address your question. Contact them by e-mail:…

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Mary Said:

DOB:28-Aug-84 POB:Tirunelveli,TamilNadu.TOB:4:30A.M. When will be marriage?Can I go for Higher Studies in USA?

We Answered:

Just try to prepare yourself the best way you can, and try to go with the flow. Things in life happen for certain reasons and I believe there is a divine plan for you but you could possibly mess it up by trying too hard to control it yourself.

You want to get married and come to the USA for the higher learning then put yourself in the right position to make it happen, but try not the force it so much.

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