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Casey Said:

I need some immigration advice, thanks in advance.?

We Answered:

You can get married if you apply for a CoA (Certificate of Approival) first,
...tend to take a few months to come through.
(todays price : Free, as potential spouse is already in the country)
marriage costs are different,

Once married, you apply for 'Futher Leave To Remain' due to Marriage, FLR(M)
(todays price approx 570 pounds)

2 years living together (with collected evidence along the way - so read SET guidance now)
plus a pass in the Life in the UK test...and you can apply for Settlement by Marriage SET(M).
(todays price 820 pounds)

Spouse, now has the right to remain in the UK.
Spouse can apply for a free Visa to any EU/EEA country as a freedom of an EEA family member.
But yes, rest of the world, is dependant on their passport and visa needs.
That said, having ILR for the UK, and a job/family in the UK is going to make that visa easier to obtain.

NB: a spouse visa FLR or SET, is not in anyway guarenteed.
It is totally dependant on your both showing
- commitment to each other
- having a joint place to live and living together continuously (with proof)
- showing enough money/income to not need any public funds in the 1st 2 years of marriage
so jobs and a place to live should be in your plans...

Citizenship currently is 1 year with ILR rights, so 3 years after marriage.
The rules change July 2011, and will apply to any visa issued after that date.
Your potential spouse would get their ILR 2yrs from now (at best) 2012, so the new citizenship requirements would apply... which include demonstration of commitment to UK society of avrious forms to reduce the 8 years currently proposed, to less.

I think focusing on being together 1st, and then planning your visa applications second would be a good strategy. Even with an EU passport, many countries require visa's so don't assume that you do not.. or that visa on the door/Visa free entry is without risks. You can be refused entry at any border if they think you are an risk of
- overstaying
- working whilst entering on a visitor (== non work) visa entry
- unable to show enough funds to support your stay in their country.

A visa just pre-checks most of that.. at the time of application.

There are countries that require visa's of EU citizens, but not of
Japanese can go to China visa free, EU citizens cannot
Chinese can go to Thailand visa free, EU must buy one "on the door" as they arrive.
there are other examples, though, yes.. an EU passport does get Visa free entry in many places.

But marriage should be for you to be together, not to gain a world travel pass.
The cost of visa's will be negligable compared to the travel, accomodation and living costs of a world tour, so I think although it involves some application work and pre-planning, it a false distraction to your plan of marriage and/or subsequent travel.

Partners and families…

Settling in the UK…


Change of rules proposal…
new rules are ILR + 1 to 3 years (longer if commit offences)……

British Nationality…

should your future partner have to leave and re-apply from outside the UK… - useful starting point

Mark Said:

do you like my Epilog to my short story?

We Answered:

There are a lot of grammatical errors in that, you might want to get it fixed.

Sean Said:

What African Countries do most African Americans come from?

We Answered:

Our roots are from Nubia and Ethiopia but Africa is one of the largest continents so we branched out from there.

Ronald Said:

Why my question/opinion about the Myth of political leadership was remove? only from this cateory ¡¡?

We Answered:

Most of the time they only remove questions for offensive language. Check the code here:…

Jimmy Said:

do you think i can get into these colleges?

We Answered:

How did you take Calc BC in your junior year without taking Calc AB during your sophomore year?

Valerie Said:

Does anyone know the significance of the date, Sept. 8, 2002?

We Answered:

I lost my virginity on this date.
Tell your mom thanks.

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