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Course Of Study

Nathan Said:

What is the best course of study for the job corps?

We Answered:

The best course of study in my opinion would be the one that interests you the most. My son is going to go and I just told him to look at the one closest to home and check out if any of those jobs would be somthing that he would enjoy doing for 8 hours or more a day. Another thing I did was to check out the job out look on the ones that sounded good to see what the demand of the job was.

Rosa Said:

What's the best home study course for option trading?

We Answered:

You can pay a lot of money to a company like Investools for an option course or less money to for their course, but what about for free?

Brokers like have detailed programs for free that cover options and have Virtual platforms (live data) where you can practice your trades real time. Test out what you are learning.

Margie Said:

any tips for study course hospitality and tourism as a waiter ?

We Answered:

Depends on where and what kind of place for the salary... Some waiters make 100k per year (USD), but they are VERY experienced and educated, working in the finest restaurants (many are in NYC). I would definitely focus on studying wines (sommelier), and formal etiquitte lessons if you want to make good money.

Sidney Said:

I want to start my own course of study aimed at 15 to 19 year olds?

We Answered:

Since your curriculum of study (Arts and Design) is already a part of the Btec program, you would probably have to determine accreditation so that anyone who would complete your course of study would be able to continue on to university if they like. Contact others who have experience and prepare questions you would like to have answers.

I wish you luck.

Milton Said:

I am doing religious study course particulary the bible study and i beg for an assistance on this question?

We Answered:

At least one problem many Bible readers face is how to distinguish symbolism from what is literal.

Kathleen Said:

How and when should I start to look for a course to study for a degree?

We Answered:

Hi there.
Well if you want to study psychology with a view to working in the field, you need to do one of the courses which is accredited by the British Psychological Society.

There is very little point in doing one which isn't accredited, and even if you're not sure what you will want to do with your degree, it's almost certainly better to keep your options open by doing a course that's met this standard.

You can find a list of accredited courses on their website:

Next step - go to the websites of the Universities you might be interested in and have a look at the course details. Then ring/email for a prospectus/brochure for those courses. While you're at it ask if they have any relevant open days you could go to. Going along to open days where you get to see where you'd be studying and get a chance to meet staff etc is invaluable. Trust your instincts on this - go with the course you think will suit *you* best.

You can also find out about accommodation, funding etc at open days. If they haven't got any available, ask if you could meet the admissions tutor/be shown round by a current student at the very least.

Then you get your UCAS application together. Go to their website now and see what it entails:

You certainly can (and should) apply for as many courses (up to six) as you would be interested in. Once you've applied they will either reject you or make you an offer. You then decide which of the offers you want to accept - and there you go!

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