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Clep Study Guides

Louis Said:

English comp clep study guide?

We Answered:

Hi Maggie!

Lol, I love the FREE in caps! That does seem to be the problem these days doesn't it? Coincidentally enough, I'm doing my best to fix that. :P

Try here, 100% free I promise-

English Comp without essay:…

English Comp with essay:…

Also, don't forget the FREE English Comp practice test:…

Hopefully I've restored your faith in the FREE resources out there. :P

Best of luck on your test!

Brett Said:

Are the questions to the History of the United States I CLEP Study Guide, the same or similar to the Test?

We Answered:

I imagine that they are similar if they came out of the latest edition of the Offical CLEP Study Guide. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how similar because I took the U.S. History II and I did not use the Official Study Guide to study for my test.

Lena Said:

Where can I download a CLEP Study Guide for Free?

We Answered:

Basically everything that you will find in the $10 CLEP Study Guide can be found for free. The $10 guide includes a percentage breakdown of exam topics, a practice test, and some general test-taking tips. The test taking tips can be found for free here:… Read the tips for before exam day, as well as the tips for the exam day.
The percentage breakdowns for the tests are free here:
College Algebra:…
Natural Sciences:…
The practice tests are available in the CLEP Official Study Guide, which you can check out of your library. a clarification, the materials above are not enough to prepare you to take the test, unless you already know the subject very, very well. I would definitely recommend getting ahold of a CLEP guide from your library which actually has study material, or even a corresponding textbook. If you can spend a little bit of money, check out online study sources, such as SpeedyPrep. I used SpeedyPrep when I took the Natural Sciences CLEP, and was able to pass the CLEP after 1 week of study, and SpeedyPrep only cost me $10.…

Carolyn Said:

What study guides are recommended for the Introductory to Sociology CLEP test? Any feedback on the test?

We Answered:

Well, I haven't taken a CLEP for any of those subjects. I did take a CLEP for US History and English. Honestly, I thought it was easier than the SAT's or ACT's. It is a good idea to get one of the big study guides. You can find them at any major bookstore. The money you pay for those tests is cheap compared to what you would have to pay for a semester or two during college. Good luck!!

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