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Clep Exam Study Guides

Ralph Said:

Has any one taken the french CLEP exam?

We Answered:

Use the CLEP book, and since you obviously know French, try reading ordinary books written in French. This honestly helped me more than anything else because I could recognize some words, and then use them as clues to understand certain things I didn't know. The test isn't too terribly difficult if you study and actually know a good amount of the French language, most of which high school and college French 1 should of taught you.

Bonne chance.

Evelyn Said:

Has anyone taken the US History I or Natural Science CLEP tests recently?

We Answered:

Try the REA subject books. Also check out - you can study online sign up is $20/month, you can cancel at any time. Peterson's has online practice tests for $19.95 /month. You can find the CLEP subject books by REA on Amazon & ebay.


Terrance Said:

What is the best CLEP study guide?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Ruben Said:

What is a good study guide for the US History CLEP exams?

We Answered:

If you are looking for a book, check out the REA CLEP study guides. These will give you a few very detailed practice tests, as well as some review material for the exam.

If you are looking for something online, my favorite study resource is They offer a interactive digital CLEP course that will help you learn the key information. I prefer this to books like the REA, so definitely check it out:…

I passed both US History CLEP tests, so hopefully you will too!

Stephanie Said:

CLEP Exam ........ Macroeconomics?

We Answered:

I took the Macroeconomics CLEP. It is somewhat more difficult than a lot of other CLEP exams, but is still doable. I took it as a 17 year old.

A study guide I would recommend, even though I am a bit biased, is the Macroeconomics CLEP study guide at When I was taking CLEP tests, SpeedyPrep was the best resource I found, and this was before I started working there. If you learn that material, you should be able to pass the test, no problem.

I hope this helps, and best wishes on the Macroeconomics CLEP!

Shelly Said:

ECE CLEP GRE Excelsior proficiency exams. Anyone have suggestions on study guides and resources for BA exams?

We Answered:

The ECE CLEP GRE Excelsior proficiency exams study guides are below./

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