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Ccna Study Guide

Peter Said:

can some one give me cisco ccna 640-802 test king study guide?

We Answered:

Well, this website has many explanations for CCNA 640-802:

Claire Said:

where can if find cisco networking fundamentals ccna exploration labs and study guide chapter one answers?

We Answered:

Typically you can find them in the textbooks or other educational material you were given. Sometimes you have to use the information you were given to draw conclusions.

Seriously though, don't skimp out on CHAPTER 1 of PART 1 of the CCNA test. Not knowing the basics sets you up for failure down the road. It only gets harder from here, especially if you don't know the basics.

Warren Said:

CCNA Study Guides and Certifications?

We Answered:

You can also take a online training course. There are a couple of scam websites so be careful where you go. NEF University is a non-profit and I have taken a few courses through them. It is nice because it is all online and much cheaper than the for-profit sites.

Jacqueline Said:

What is the best Up-To-Date Study Guide for CCNA?

We Answered:

I think you should connect with some online exam preparation site, which will guide and help you in getting good score in CCNA exam. I will recommend you a site which you can view from my source box.

Hector Said:

please some one help i need CCNA study guides i have some of them?

We Answered:

If you want to see the labs in your real CCNA exam then visit

The best exam engine is pass4sure because it has many questions you will meet in your exam.

Shane Said:

where can i find the answers to cisco's network fundamentals ccna exploration labs and study guide?

We Answered:

Netacad instructors have the answers. It is not complicated, all it needs is a little love. Give it sometime, practice, get hooked up into it. Give it a little more attention then it will help. Before I sucked with networking. I even failed my CCNA Exploration 1. Also, cheating wont help you in the end. Trust me, I've been there. If you know what you are doing, you wont need those answer keys. It will all be in your mind. Even instructors do not look at does answers coz they also take the labs as a challenge to themselves. And like what they say, no pain no gain.

If your instructor has free consultation hours, then use it. If not, you can always go to a classmate to help you understand. I could also help you learn, just send me an email. Networking is easy than you imagine.

Cecil Said:

Will this study guide be enough?

We Answered:

Yes, it is good enough but also try these for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)……

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