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Single Parent Scholarships

Julian Said:

Where can I find single parent continuing education scholarships?

We Answered:

Try looking into they have a variety of scholarships you can look into. I am also a single mom trying to go to college....Good luck...

Leslie Said:

Does anyone know if there are scholarships or grants for a single parent getting a Masters degree??

We Answered:

Not sure what school u are going to or where u live but there are no govt. grants for graduate students. U may be able to get private grants thru the school or on places like I wish I knew more to tell u..There aren't very many grants for undergrads either..

Guy Said:

I am a single parent looking for scholarships to put my son in a Christan school. Where do I look?

We Answered:

Is that a college, high school, or elementary school? And where exactly do you want to send him? For example, some colleges and even high schools are sponsored and donated to so that their fees are low. If you have a particular school in mind that isn't inexpensive enough, why not talk to your church's pastor or maybe a friend's pastor and see what he suggests? There are also online search engines, such as,, and Good luck on your search, and keep praying about it!

Jennie Said:

Where can I find single parent scholarships?

We Answered:

you can try Fastweb,,,… and a number of are a minority, a single mom, and a military have many options,..............also, if you know your intended major, there are funds available in many diff. areas.......
also school-based aid is possible[at school you want to attend]
first fill out a FAFSA form to find free grants too....thats the 1st thing you need to do, then check for the scholarships, ok?
good luck

Megan Said:

Im a junior in high school and i live with a single parent. What are some websites to get free scholarships?

We Answered:

Also many colleges have scholarships that you can apply for.

Anne Said:

I am a single parent looking for scholarships to put my son in a Christan school.n Where do I look?

We Answered:

I'm not so sure about scholarships, but check with the school about financial aid. My daughter is in a wonderful Christian private school and we apply for financial aid each year. This last year we were awarded $6000 of the $7500 in tuition. I was told that many schools end up not giving out all financial aid they have simply because people didn't ask for it.

Brian Said:

How can a single parent of two children pursuing a nursing degree get scholarships?

We Answered:

Complete the FAFSA (, contact your school's financial aid office, some employers in the medical industry will help pay for college (hospitals, for example). Also, look into Americorps, you could possibly get some of your loans paid if you work in certain areas after you get your degree.

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