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Single Parent Scholarships And Grants

Rick Said:

I'm a single father looking for scholarships or grants for college.?

We Answered:

Go to the financal aid office at the school you are interested in (they all have one). They will help you with find out what is available. At 19 and a parent, you will probably quallify for a Federal Pell Grant. That grant alone paid my way.

Connie Said:

where can i find scholarships and grants for children with single parents?

We Answered:

There are a couple of sources of scholarships and grants for children of single parents or anyone for that matter.

First, apply at It will tap into need based financial aid with the federal government and also the college itself. It is free to fill out.

Second, 35 states in the United States have a website in which individuals can both apply to college and state financial aid at the same time.

Third, the high school guidance office has a list of local scholarships for its high school students. It involves an application and a little bit of time to fill out. It is another free resource to fill out.

Fourth, the college financial aid office has a list of private scholarships from organizations and companies. Some of them are listed on the financial aid website. This is a free resource, too.

Fifth, there are free membership scholarship search websites out there. Most are updated on a regular basis. I will provide a list of them.

Finally, some college majors and ethnic groups offer scholarships. Also, some well known companies offer scholarships. It is an idea to do a search on and

Good luck!……

Frances Said:

Scholarships for Young Or Single Mothers?

We Answered:

Try the Pell Grant. You also have credits like the Lifetime Learning Credit and Hope Credit.

Also, here is a direct link to the US Dept of Educations grant opportunities.…

Vickie Said:

Grants or Scholarships available for working single parents in DC....?

We Answered:

yup, tons of them out there. most people dont know where to begin looking, so make sure you pass on the info to others who need it also (to help with their schooling also).

there are government loans & grants (free), then there are private loans & scholarships (free). i dont know your interests, so i will post all that i have on all of them, including single parent info.

try to aim for grants/scholarships more... they are not to be paid back. its confusing sometimes, but just keep applying. Scholarships usually have a 1 or 2 page application, and require an essay. Take your time with the essay, so yours stands out.

every big (and small) company you see (manufacturer, orgs, corps and groups also) all have grants and scholarships they hand out like candy. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Coke, computer companies etc etc etc

heres a link with a HUGE amount of some available. some you will need to copy and paste into a new window. also, fastweb (take the time to fill it in) will search databases and get back to you with a list of scholarships you qualify for.

Also contact all mens, womens associations in your state, they almost always have grants & scholarships. What ever field you are going into, contact the orgs, associations etc for them; Also check with professional organizations related to your career interests, such as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association. they also always have scholarships. Research and dig, call then write. Its all worth it.

OVER apply; it doesnt hurt to have too many, and the extra funds can help with housing.


MORE:………………… <-do search for ‘scholarships’………………




LOAN FORGIVENESS (nurses/teachers)………

STATUS of your student gov loan or aid:

if you don’t have a PIN yet (for your loan / aid status) apply for one:…


(if you find a scam report it here too)…








SINGLE HELP………………………………

Christian Said:

I am a single father, and I am a full time college student and I need information on grants for single fathers?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Violet Said:

Are there any scholarships or grants for children of single/widowed parents?

We Answered:

Well, first off fill out your fafsa! Depending on your moms income you could be eligible for grants.

And there are a ton of scholarships out there. I'm sure there are a couple out there for someone who lost a parent. There may even be one out there specifically for someone who lost a parent to suicide.

Check out for scholarships
and for grants.

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