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Scholarships For Undocumented Students

Vicki Said:

Should hardworking, intelligent undocumented students deserve scholarships?

We Answered:

YES! more educated immigrants in the U.S. is always better.
That's why you, your family members, and your friends need to make your voices heard by calling or faxing congress about the dream act 2009.…
Stand up for the Dream Act

Amanda Said:

Can undocumented students(AB540) receive financial aid or scholarships?

We Answered:

From what I know, undocumented students cannot receive any federal financial aid. However you can receive in-state tuition rates depending on your state, but you'll have to fill out some forms.

As for scholarships for undocumented students, here are some I found:……

Clarence Said:

scholarships for undocumented students?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Nina Said:

scholarships for students with undocumented parents?

We Answered:

You can apply for scholarships online through Fastweb and through the school. You aren't going to get government money because you're dependent on your parents and the government doesn't give money to non-Americans.

Check out or talk to a financial aid counselor at the school you're going to.

EDIT- also, most of us DON'T get free money. We have to pay it back. If you think you should get free money just because your parents are illegals, there's a problem. I believe as long as they are resident aliens, you can get some aid. If not.. don't complain. There are a lot of real citizens out there not getting aid either.

Naomi Said:


We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Luis Said:

Scholarships for Undocumented Students?

We Answered:

ask your financial aid adviser at your college, they should know the answers :)

Ken Said:

Should illgeal undocumented students have access to scholarships for college?

We Answered:

Yes, everyone needs a chance. Put yourself in their situation. What would happen if you came to a country when young and new nothing else. As you grow up you realize that although you're a good student you cant go to school because you're illegal. Helping US get better means having smarter people, this will keep us on top, if all we do is exile them then we wont suceed.

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