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Scholarships For Students With Learning Disabilities

Gail Said:

scholarship help?

We Answered:

try fastweb.
it's a scholarship site. you sign up (it's free), and you chose criteria that best suits you.

i'm sure you'll be able to find something.

Sonia Said:

additional scholarship help?

We Answered:

You can get scholarship info here:…

Constance Said:


We Answered:

Yea, it's called need-based aid.

Enrique Said:


We Answered:

You can apply for financial aid/scholarships directly from the college...if you choose to apply to a college that is a real safety (ie. you're overqualified) they might give you a free ride (ie pay for all 4 years)
Michigan State has a photo does Oakland
Also look here:…
And here:…

Wayne Said:

can anyone please help me i need to find scholarships for type 2 diabetes and learning diabetes for college?

We Answered:

Your school guidance counselor or career/college counselor should have access to lists of available grants and scholarships. If you know which college you will be attending, or what degree you will be getting, you can check with their financial aid and students with disabilities offices, too.

There are listings online and at most libraries. Some of the large pharmaceutical companies also have scholarships. Check with websites for national organizations for diabetes and learning disabilities, too.

Many large companies (like walmart) also have scholarships available (some for employees only, some for their families).

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