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Scholarships For Phd Students

Holly Said:

Which Australian university is more generous in terms of offering scholarships for international PhD students?

We Answered:

none - Universities only offer a small number of scholarships as the majority are funded through ARC and government grants which require Australian PR/citizenship.

Australia does not have the "donation by public" mentality that universities in the UK/US have - only a small number of people donate money to the university for specific projects (refitting bells, library fund etc).

Glen Said:

How do internatinonal phd students in the UK support themselves financially?

We Answered:

You will be allowed to work part-time during your studies...but before you even leave your home country you must prove to the local British Council that you can support yourself throughout your stay. You won't be granted a visa if you don't have the money.

Most universities offer American financial aid, as well as loans and scholarships. So getting a scholarship is competitive, but you need the money.

Bruce Said:

How much is a PhD fellowship?

We Answered:

If you get a fellowship, then your tuition is covered and you'll get a small stipend between 10 and 30 thousand per year (the actual amount varies by college and department). PhD students are almost always funded so you wouldn't have to worry about loans.

Stephen Said:

Can you tell me a reputed university that offers the lowest rates and scholarships for PhD students?

We Answered:

What Major?
Preferred State?
Private or State University?

Wade Said:

Are there any MS students in USA universities without fund?All my friends left for US are having scholarship.?

We Answered:

It depends on the degree. You can usually expect to have your tuition paid for and get a stipend if you're going into math, the sciences, or engineering. This is less common in the arts and humantities. You're more likely to get tuition and a stipend if you enter a PhD program (even one that has you do a masters first) than just entering a masters program.

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