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Scholarships For Kids

Nicole Said:

Does anyone know of any scholarships for kids of paraplegics?

We Answered:

The Money Is There, but You Have to Ask for It, read this tutorial on how to get a scholarship :…

Ruth Said:

Are there scholarships kids could get or apply for, for being super smart and always maitaining their grades?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Ruby Said:

Can anyone give me a list of websites that offer college scholarships for kids in 8th grade?

We Answered:…

You'll receive plenty of information regarding colleges and different scholarships that you're eligible for. Essay writing, making videos, speeches, etc. I don't really know if it goes down as far as 8th grade. It might, but I'm not so sure. Check it out. It's really useful, and helped me out a lot. I've been using it since I was a sohpomore.

Edgar Said:

Should the government offer scholarships to kids who graduate highschool?

We Answered:

they do give one. where have you been ?its called join the army or navy airforce or marines i got my ba on active duty. didnt even have to use my gi bill.

Jeff Said:

Is there scholarships for kids that were sent to prison, and are trying to go to school? In minnesota?

We Answered:

Did it involve drugs? If not, you're probably eligible for financial aid. The federal website is

Byron Said:

What are good Soccer Scholarships for Kids 10-12?

We Answered:

read this tips i found it on internet, how to apply scholarship :…

Neil Said:

Are there any college scholarships for kids with ADHD or OCD?

We Answered:

I recommend that she also subscribe to fastweb, its an execellent source to find all sorts of scholarships on there, they are not just for those that are low income or need help. There are scholarships for people with certain disabilities such as your student, veterans kids, elderly, political, enviromentalist, race, minoirty, I'm sure you get my point.

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