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Scholarships For College Students

Jeff Said:

what are the best scholarships for college students?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Pearl Said:

Any specific grants or scholarships for college students with low income due to loss of job?

We Answered:

Only 9 dollars for an entire semesters worth of college? Wow... you are very lucky. Babysit the neighbors kids for an evening to earn that 9 dollars and instead of moving on campus stay at home.

You are SOO lucky!!!

Antonio Said:

Is anyone offering or know of any good scholarships for college students?

We Answered:

Why don't you just go to your school's financial aid office and ask them for advice? You may be able to get some sort of grant if you get good grades. Google "Sociology grants"…

Billy Said:

Anyone know of any scholarships for current college students that commute?

We Answered:

There are no scholarships for commuters but you can try applying to some other easier ones. Short essay, credentials, etc. Check out they have some good info and they do offer a monthly $10,000 scholarship drawing. That should cover your transportation expenses for the next few years.

Jerry Said:

Scholarships for college students?

We Answered:

Check U of M's website--a lot of schools offer scholarships to transfer students, particularly those from community colleges.

Nathan Said:

Are there any scholarships for College students whose parents are in prison?

We Answered:

I am looking to see if there is ant thing like that out there. Usually you would have two parents working being able to help you out. but with one parent in prison and all the other parents money going to survive it makes hard for a parent to help out.

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