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Scholarships For Children Of Single Parents

Katie Said:

Maybe, I should have a child, and be a single parent, or get married and have some children...,?

We Answered:

You aren't the only one who has to take out a loan to go to school. There are ways and programs you can enter to pay that money back sooner than later. The money is there for you if you need it which is a sight better than what people are offered in other countries. I'd count my blessings if I were you.

Alex Said:

Does anyone know if parents can apply for scholarships?

We Answered:

Filling out scholarship applications is worth the time that it takes, she needs to just get with the program like everyone else. Students have to apply for their own financial aid, you can get a Parents PLUS loan, but that is all that you can do. If she is already in college, she can apply for a major specific scholarship from the department if her G.P.A. is high enough. You also have to realize that only 10% of financial aid comes from scholarships, most students don;t have any, but for some reason new students seen to believe that they are everywhere. Even if you can find quite a few, they are never worth very much, most aid comes from grants and loans.

Jack Said:

Know of any financial avenues for single african american parents?

We Answered:

Have you met with your college's financial aid office? They should have a complete list of any "in college" scholarships that are offered, and these are often the easiest to get. Also be sure that you have completely filled out FAFSA because you may qualify for some grants from the government.

Have you checked to see if your college has an early childhood ed program that might help you with the child care right on campus?

Have you checked into student family housing that might be cheaper?

Joyce Said:

Are there any scholarships out there for single dads who want to go to Law School.?

We Answered:

Hmmm... Definitely go in and talk to the financial aid office at your school. Also talk to your advisor in your new department where you just got accepted. They may know of some local scholarships that could help you.... and they may have more info than an olnine search will give you.

If you have performed well enough to get accepted into law school, perhaps you could apply for merit-based scholarships that don't relate to your "single dad" status. Don't forget about that option!

Also, you should contact the people working with the "single mom" scholarships and ask if any single PARENT qualifies. Really, that's how it ought to be. Being a single parent is just as hard no matter what your gender is.

Best of luck to you!

Chad Said:

i am single girl child of my parents and i want to get scholarship for single girl child for +2 studies.?

We Answered:

You should contact your School Principal regarding scholarships. However, you can see these websites for some higher level scholarships……

Monica Said:

Scholarship programs for children of single parents?

We Answered:

You can go to
it's about scholarships information.
Good luck

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