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Scholarships For Black Men

Brett Said:

Does this actually benefit black guys?

We Answered:

The Nazis had a plan like that to kill all the Jewish men and use the Jewish women for sex. But Hitler was at a point where he wanted all the Jewish women killed to. At that point, the Nazis were at a point where they wanted to plot against Hitler to have him killed. Some of the Gestapo officers and concentration camp officers had their special Jewess whores who serviced them. So Hitler had them all killed, the girls, the Nazis.He had the men's sexual organs cut off, shoved down their throats and crucified upside down on crosses of barbed wire. Or he would have their hands and feet chopped off and let them suffer a slow death. This was what was done to any Nazi who had sex with a Jew. Tortured slowly to the point where they wanted to die. So then Hitler put the fear into them so that if any Nazi guy messed with any Jewish girls, he would be tortured to a slow death.
The German prostitutes used to pour gasoline on the beds of their customers and set the beds on fire. So the guys would wake up, strapped to the bed and it's on fire. That was done to the ones who said nothing about where to find Jews. Those who might know had their bodies burned with lit cigarettes and cigars.

Rebecca Said:

Why are all race of men killing each other for ebony black queen?

We Answered:

Where did you get your nose enhancement done?

Whoever did it, did a wonderful job.

Hazel Said:

Is it true that California is racist against Black people (mainly Black men)?

We Answered:

You are going to find racism and negative stereotypes everywhere but California is such a melting pot I think you will have a great time in L.A.

We have so many different ethnicities in California people ain't really trippin on black people like you are suggesting.

Just don't mess around with the police, they like to beat people down (I know first hand) and can be trigger happy (RIP Oscar Grant) too.

Minnie Said:

Is the new black man the white man?

We Answered:

You're sadly mistaken. Poor White people are eligible for financial aid, and, not only that, White people do receive scholarships for simply being White. As for criticising illegal immigration, simply make sure your criticism doesn't imply racial hatred, biological superiority or inferiority, and/or racial supremacy. If you are still called a racist even when you do not include those things, defend yourself in debate.

UPDATE: Seems like White people just WANT to complain, despite the fact they can apply for financial aid when they're poor, and even get free scholarships based on their race, as proven in the link I posted.

Marcia Said:

Whites, Blacks, Racism. Why are black people still so mad?

We Answered:

I think it's pretty obvious by your tone and candor you don't like black people so there's no real point in my saying any of this, but anyways...

1. North Africans (Arabs) sold blacks into slavery, and *white people bought them.* White people were never sold as slaves in the US - the Irish and Italians got treated like crap, but at least they were still legally a full human being. Thus there is no legacy of white slavery in the US... even with the poor white underclasses, they've always legally had their full rights. Blacks have had them for about 40 years.

2. No college can legally deny entrance to anyone based on race. Colleges like Morehouse were founded back when colleges and universities COULD legally deny entrance to a black person, or a jew, or whatever. They allow white students in, though for the most part, white kids aren't interested. However, last year, Morehouse's valedictorian was a white male...

3. White people were sold as slaves in North Africa... are you descended from them? No? Neither am I or nearly anyone else in North America. The people who whose ancestors were sold as slaves there are probably sort of perturbed about it too, especially since in a lot of those North African nations even today, not being of local ethnic extraction or Muslim is a legal basis for denying rights. It was only about 40 years ago that Jim Crow laws that legally allowed racial segregation were struck down. That's not very long. Just because the laws were shot down doesn't mean public opinion has changed - those laws were only outlawed because of federal intervention, and a lot of southerners are STILL angry about it.

Just because I can't legally drive 100mph doesn't mean I don't want to. Just because you can't legally string up a black guy doesn't mean you don't want to.

4. I'm from a working-class family, I grew up poor, and I've only ever had myself to rely on. I'm WELL aware that the fact that I'm white has aided me. I've heard lots of racist comments over the course of my like... I've worked at hotels where I didn't have a single black coworker, and if we had a black couple who were dressed nice come in, my managers would try to say things like, "hm they looked suspicious, let's make sure they have enough money on their credit card. You checked their ID's right?" Basically, "I don't trust black people but I can't say that so I'm going to say they look 'suspicious' even though they really don't."

I got screwed a couple times because th quotas of white kids in programs like GATE for gifted kids were full and had to go to the ACLU and have them take up my case to get in, so I know that it's more an issue of CLASS than race - most people don't like a white kid in a tralier anymore than a black kid in a tenement.

But you know what? The fact that I can rock through the door at 6'2, with my piercing blue eyes, sun-bleached reddish blonde hair, with a big smile and lightly-tanned fair skin, looking dapper in a three-piece suit has gotten me places that friends of mine who are black or hispanic and have degrees couldn't or can't get to, and it's unfair.

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