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Scholarships And Grants

Natalie Said:

best and free way to find college scholarships/ grants for single moms to go to college?

We Answered:

Try reading through here:
I haven't read the site in friend just emailed me the link.

Hope that helps a bit.

Good Luck

Stephanie Said:

Where can I find out about scholarships/grants for to my senior high school exchange student?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Adrian Said:

Scholarships & Grants

We Answered:

That is really too general. There are many thousands of them. Grants will go to those from low income families, usually. Scholarships range from $100 to full ride, and most schools offer dozens of them each of which has a particular purpose - for example, my school has some for single parents, some for refugees, etc., or they might be for people studying some particular subject matter. Then there are also scholarships that are given independently of the school itself, usually for having done something exemplary.

Brad Said:

Where can I find legit scholarships/grants to apply for?

We Answered:

Hello how are you? What I suggest you do is use a scholarship search. A scholarship search allows you to create a profile and receive information for all the scholarships that you are eligible to apply for based on your profile description. actually has 2 free scholarship searches available right now. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

Julie Said:

What are the best financial aid (grants, scholarships, fafsa stuff, blah) sites?

We Answered:

i need the same as you, same boat :)

Brandy Said:

What other types of financial aid out there besides scholarships, grants, and loans?

We Answered:

College Work Study program. (CWS)

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