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Scholarships And Grants For College Students

Tommy Said:

Points given to best answer!!!! Does anyone know of any grants or scholarships for college students...?

We Answered:

Here are some grants and scholarships for social work majors:…………

And here's a list of general grants and scholarships:……

Good luck!

Alfredo Said:

Any college grants/scholarships for students with a deceased parent?

We Answered:

Never heard of such a thing, not unless it's something that would have been provided for under your father's life insurance policy (if he had one).

Karen Said:

what are good website where college students can get scholarships and grants for school?

We Answered:

Lafango is currently hosting two scholarship contests

Hope this helps!

Edgar Said:

Scholarships and Grants for students who are already in college?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Jane Said:

Indian benefits for Cherokee college students(grants,scholarships etc)?

We Answered:

It will depend on whether or not you are eligible for tribal enrollment. It sounds to me like you may already be enrolled and have a CDIB card. If not, you will need to seek that first. In your particular case, you will need to have a direct ancestor on the Dawes rolls. The Baker roll will not help you because of your degree of blood. For the Dawes rolls, there is no blood quantum to become a tribal member.

With tribal enrollment you can apply for scholarships under the Cherokee Nation Education Corporation whether or not you live within the tribal boundaries. They do plan to offer grants too for specific degrees such as language preservation. You can also apply for scholarships under the Cherokee Nation Education Services. I will put a link below to a chart that outlines the requirements and opportunities.

FREE COLLEGE: All Cherokee Nation tribal members, who are not eligible for Pell grant funding may apply to attend Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, at any time during the year. Cherokee Nation will fund the normal fees associated with enrollment at Haskell. This is the equivalent of a full scholarship including room and board to any Cherokee who wishes to attend Haskell.

Cherokee Nation tribal member

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