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Scholarship In Usa

Andy Said:

Can i get a scholarship in USA if i finished high school abroad?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Tamara Said:

Is USA Scholarship Services legit, and should you have to pay to process the application?

We Answered:

You should not have to pay someone to help you find a scholarship. You are basically paying them to help you find scholarships that ARE NOT GUARANTEED becuase you paid them. You can do that on your own by going to websites like They hold over 2.4 million different type of scholarships and just for using there service which again it is free you are entered to a 1,000 scholarships giveaway. All you do is fill out your profile like who you are what are your interest, etc... is another good one. When you fill out the FAFSA to apply for Federal aid be careful when you enter the web address. If you go to it takes you to a service to where you pay a fee they will fill out the FAFSA for you claiming that they will guarantee your FAFSA is complete accuratly and track it for you. Although they may be a legite service there is no need to pay some to fill it out for you when it is easy to complete and there are edits even within the FAFSA on the web to catch common errors. If there are errors you or the school can update them online quick and easy. The offical website to complete the FAFSA is If you do not understand something you can call the Federal processors for free and you can also call your schools financial aid office. Do not pay them. Save that money!!!

Oscar Said:

How can i get a scholarship in the USA?

We Answered:


Alicia Said:

how to apply for scholarship in USA from Indonesia?

We Answered:

First, financial aid for international students can be classified into two categories – Need-based and Merit-based aid. Roughly, need-based aid is awarded based inversely proportional to your family income. Merit-based aid is awarded based on your merit (academic or otherwise) and does not depend on family income. Of your financial need (the difference between the cost of study and your ability to pay), colleges that award need-based aid can cover up to your full demonstrated need, whilst others leave a gap that you must cover with loans or borrow from relatives. Most colleges are need-sensitive, which means your financial need affects your admission – i.e. more financial need results in lesser likelihood of being admitted.

A) Need-based Financial Aid
Need-blind colleges do not consider your financial situation when deciding admission. There are only six schools in the U.S. that are need-blind and meet full-need of international students:

1) Amherst College
2) Dartmouth College
3) Harvard University
4) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
5) Princeton University
6) Yale University

Need-sensitive schools that are generous in awarding financial aid to international students are (in no particular order):

1) Williams College. Williams College used to be need-blind for the last admissions cycle but nonetheless still awards generous financial aid to the very best international applicant.
2) Middlebury College
3) Swarthmore College
4) Vassar College
5) Vanderbilt University

B) Merit-based Financial Aid

Schools that offer merit-based scholarships (up to full tuition) to international students are (in no particular order):

1) Wesleyan University. Freeman Asian Scholars program for 11 Asian students which covers full tuition for four years.
2) University of Richmond. Full tuition scholarships to up to 12 Science Scholars, 20 Boatwright Scholars, 6 Artist Scholars, 7 Oldham Scholars (this includes room and board)
3) University of Southern California (USC) - 100 full tuition scholarships and more than 200 half tuition scholarships
4) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) - 70 Johnston Scholarships for entering freshmen
5) Washington and Lee University (W&L) - Johnson Scholarships

C) Tuition-Free Colleges

Schools that offer the equivalent of tuition-free scholarships to every incoming student (including international students)

1) Berea College. Preference for students from low-income families.
2) The Cooper Union. Requires a U.S. mailing address to apply.

Olga Said:

How hard is it t get a scholarship to USA and after that can i stay there?

We Answered:

You can get a scholarship fpr perhaps 25% of the cost. You still have to find the other $25,000 each year you will need each year. And you cannot work for that money in the USA.

When you do get your degree, if an employer wants to hire you, then they can sponsor you fir an H-1B visa then a green card.

You are better off to get your engineering degree there and then try to get a US employer to sponsor you.

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