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Scholarship Essay Examples

Andrea Said:

Have to write an essay on the single most important societal problem. why. and how to remedy it?

We Answered:

The single most important social problem is coruption in government. The rest of the problems start there

Charlie Said:

Do you have any tips on writing a prize winning essay for a scholarship?

We Answered:

ask your friends and family to help you out. i won and i wrote about poverty and my real life experience with it and how i dealt with it.

Floyd Said:

How do you organize scholarship essays?

We Answered:

First of all: scholarship essays (like college essays) are exceptions to the rule you've probably been taught - first person is fine. In fact, to try to write such an essay without the use of "I" would probably sound fairly strange.

Second of all: don't worry about sounding arrogant or conceited - this is the place to brag. They want to give the scholarship to someone fabulous, and you have to convince them that you're just the person they're looking for.

These essays are pretty broad, so the way you organize them depends a great deal on how long they're supposed to be and what you plan to put into them. But here's one way you might do it (obviously, this is just an example, not the "right way".)

For the first:
-First paragraph is your "hook". Start off in a way that will get them interested: maybe put them in the middle of an exciting experience that convinced you that this was the career for you.
-End the paragraph with some sort of thesis statement that allows you to segue into your first main point: why you chose the profession. In your second paragraph, give actual details as to why you did. Imagine someone asking you the same question in a casual conversation. How would you respond? Write down a list, and choose about two to four of the most dominant ideas to expand on.
-Make a transition from why you chose the profession into what contribution you'll make (a good way to do this is to find a similar idea in both answers and link them together.) This is your time to brag: what makes you special? Tell them.
-Conclusion. Maybe refer back to the first paragraph, briefly sum up everything else you've said, and add something that's new but that doesn't feel out of place.

For the second:
- First off is to define your educational and professional goals. Use your first paragraph for this.
- Now, briefly restate each goal (you should have, again, maybe two to four) and explain in each instance how you will be aided by the scholarship.
-Sum it up by explaining how the scholarship will help you in general.

Again, these are just to get you started. What matters most is that your essays are convincing and flow well, which can sometimes be a problem if you structure them at the beginning instead of just writing. When you're done with them, let them "sit" for a bit, then read them out loud or get a trusted friend to lend their opinion.

I hope this was of some help, and I wish you the best of luck with getting your scholarship! It's refreshing to see a question that someone actually put thought into.

Ted Said:

Need help for a scholarship essay. What it means, "1 1/2 in. left margin and 1 in. right margin"?

We Answered:

I am assuming you are in Microsoft Word, so I will explain that, but all word processing programs are similar.

Go to FILE then PAGE SETUP. On the tab called MARGINS simply change the margins to the ones required.

Must fit on one side of one page means the essay should be one not go onto 2 pages.

Easy enough

Gordon Said:

I have been asked to write an essay for a scholarship. It has to be 750-1000 words.?

We Answered:

You want to know where you can go to find....
Go within yourself. Why do you want and deserve the scholarship?
You have accomplishments. You've done so far in your life these things to demonstrate your character:
You are a person of character because....
You have ambitions to have a career in....
You like charity work. You plan on donating your time to the cause of....
You need the money. Your family was a struggling family of....
You are inspired by your father, mother, an important teacher, a mentor, or....
Again, dig deep within yourself. And make your readers proud to give you the scholarship you deserve.
Good luck.

Mike Said:

Scholarship Essay Help?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

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