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Rotary Club Scholarships

Penny Said:

Can anyone help me find funding for graduate school abroad?

We Answered:

If your school has a U.S. federal school code, you can use plain-old federal FAFSA money to study abroad:…

Marcia Said:

Do I have what it takes to be accepted into Stanford University?

We Answered:

Good scores.

Write a good essay, get good recommendations and find something that sets you apart from the rest of the qualified applicants who have similar student profiles to you and you will have a very good chance at attending Stanford.

I would definitely apply to more schools than just Stanford. While 50-60% of Stanford's applicants are qualified to attend their school and tackle the course load, only 10-20% are actually accepted. If you applied to 5-6 top-tier schools you would indefinitely be accepted to at least one.

Hugh Said:

How should this incident have been handled?

We Answered:

Have you heard anything at all from the school. I would at this point ask for a conference with the two AP's involved and the Principal. I would a number of questions that are obvious from your description above. I would bring in a recorder and ask if you can record the meeting. If the answer is no you can then ask why a recording of your son was made and ask for a copy of it./

Milton Said:

What are the chances of me getting a full-ride scholarship?

We Answered:

SAT scores will make a difference, but your choice of school may count more. State Universities don't have a lot of financial aid funding. But a small liberal arts college would probably love to have you, and some of them have large endowments. When you start narrowing your choices, be sure to ask specific questions about financial aid. And when you get an offer, don't be afraid to ask for more. Schools are often willing to work to get the students they want.

Shelly Said:

grants for high school seniors???....?

We Answered:

Since you cant get a job you should ask your mom to get a second one, or perhaps your little brother or sister to get a job to pay for this trip to Japan for you. I'm sure you would do the same if you could. Ever think about medication?

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