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Renewable Energy Scholarships

Enrique Said:

Scholarship essay question? Need clarification. thanks.?

We Answered:

I am guessing this is a scholarship for and Oil Express or Jiffy Lube? I think they are talking about the importance of getting your oil changed in a car. May be I am wrong but that's what it means to me.

Jesus Said:

Union Political Party?

We Answered:

The concept of a labor party is sound. People from the moderately conservative all the way to the radical left would flock to such a party.

It's a classic idea that I've always liked very much and I am happy to see your post.

However, you include some terrible points in with that list of issues.

Your anti-immigrant thing is one of them. I understand that anytime someone accepts a lower wage it hurts union labor, but your focus should be on organizing the unorganized, regardless of immigrant status. That's the _only_ way to insure that no one undercuts you. Otherwise it cannot HELP but become an ugly racial/national hatred thing. Doesn't matter whether you want it that way or not - it will become so by itself and suck you down into it. It's one of those toxic things you have to leave alone. Americans, Mexicans and Canadians need to be in the same unions, both across the borders and in the same countries.

It has to be done that way not only for ethical reasons, but for _practical_ as well. ALL of the other ways have been tried. Borders are not exactly new. This is the only way that would work.

And do you REALLY want a labor party to be about building walls and border guards shooting people?

The anti-gay thing? About 10% of the U.S. population. Do you really want to hurt that many people, some of them _union members_, who are just looking for a square deal? Have you SEEN the types that usually organize against gays? They are all right-wing anti-union. Do you want to be with THEM?

The anti-China and "communistic" countries thing. Do you hate the workers there? Or do you just have disagreements with their government? We really need to take a more internationalist view. Capital is multinational. Labor has to be also, or WE LOSE. EVERY TIME.

Beating children in school? That's backward and scary. You'll freak out the normal people and attract crazies that way (and I live in a VERY conservative area!). My lady is a schoolteacher in a pretty bad school and even she doesn't believe in that. Leave general discipline to the parents, and for special cases call the cops to take the kid away.

Atheists are one of the fastest-growing sections of the population, and some of us are union members. Are you sure that you feel so strongly about putting your religion out in public that you _have_ to mess with people who, like the gays, are just looking for a square deal?

Death penalty? With all of the cases that they've reopened, and found that people already sent to the gas chamber were innocent, are you sure about that? What about the fact that executed people are OVERWHELMINGLY working class and poor? And minorities, too? And do you really trust the anti-union, rich man's government to be fair about who they choose to kill?

There's some other things, but I definitely don't want to discourage you. There's a lot of things you can read about this. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like me to get you some titles of things to read. It's a real classic idea, maybe one whose time has come back.

Victor Said:

Can you think of a better reason to spend 3 minutes contacting Ur Representative NOW?

We Answered:

Great summary.

Why is the federal government sticking its nose in everything these days? History shows that federal "help" is more of a hinderance than a help.

Butt out, Big Brother!

Stacy Said:

Environmental Engineering or Energy Engineering?

We Answered:

Why you need to go abroad for your masteral despite that University of the Philippines (UP) is I guess having that curriculum? UP is also providing scholarship for the gifted students like you.

Your idea of promoting renewable energies is very well indeed magnificent. We have lots of resources in our country to be utilized into renewable energy but yet no proper program and support from the government. Instead, some local government units (LGUs) are scrambling to have coal fired power plants to be constructed in their provinces/localities.

I am a civil engineer and an advocate of green technology and came to have a head-on collision with a certain politician regarding the coal plant project in our place. It is sad that the people we put in power are the one who promotes environmental destruction for the sake of money.

Mathew Said:

What legislative measures can be take to help movement towards the "greening" of America?

We Answered:

There are quite a few but I like this one just for the sound of it and it is good for environmental awareness.Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 Approved by California Assembly

It's goal is to alert people to the waste of electricity by products left in standby mode.

It mandates nothing forces people to do nothing other than manufacturers to list the true cost of owning the product INFORMATION

Clifford Said:

Future Career: Renewable Energy?

We Answered:

Look into the degree and course requirements. It's probably a year or two before you need to make that choice. The best renewable energy industries may not be big, and might not even exist yet. Get the solid background in the understanding of science and the engineering discipline and see where it leads you.

Alan Said:

I have serious regrets?

We Answered:

I think you should try and change your focus. You are carrying so much resentment, and dwelling on past decisions that it's preventing you from moving forward. Instead of looking at your cousins in disgust, be happy for them. Instead of blaming your parents for what happened, praise yourself that you have gained the knowledge that you will never be forced into a decision that goes against who you are and what you believe. The past wont make your future, only your present can. Start from now, and do what you need to do to get that job you want. You mentioned that you don't want to get into any more debt, but maybe you will have to endure that for a while to put yourself through more schooling. Say it takes another 5 years. You're going to be 5 years older by then anyway, with or without doing something about your job situation.


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