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Nursing School Scholarships And Grants

Marilyn Said:

Does anyone know of scholarships for nursing school?

We Answered:

I am currently a nursing student and will be graduating this May. First of all congrats on being pregnant :-)! For some finanical assistance for nursing school, I would suggest checking out your local hospitals because they will sometimes offer a full ride to a nursing school if you choose to work for them for a length of time after school (many of my friend do this...wish I would have). A hospital in my area (actually several) pay for tutition and the costs of books for the whole time just as long as you work for them for a certain period after you graduate. I hope everything works out and if you have any other questions hit me up through my blog where I blog about my nursing journeys.

Sarah :-)

Ruby Said:

Nursing school grants?

We Answered:

Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It's about scholarships for your second opinion." rel="nofollow">

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