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No Essay Required Scholarships

Larry Said:

Does UNF require an essay for admission?

We Answered:

Usually it specifies if an essay is required. If it does mention anything about an essay then you don't need one. If I can help you any further let me know.

Ricky Said:

Scholarship Essay Topics? Ideas?

We Answered:

+ Have you witnessed any injustices? (Race, gender preferences)

+ Have you struggled with anything?

+ Address one problem with your generation, and how it could be fixed. (Too involved with texting, etc.)

+ Address a problem with the world and how we can each make a difference. (The environment)

Lance Said:

College Application Essay help?

We Answered:

When I was in high school they told us to have two essays ready: an autobiographical sketch and and essay about an event that changed us or our lives. Most colleges will request at least one of these and if the college does not have a required topic, they will do. Of course, some schools require more. Another good topic is a goals statement. Tell what your plan to do with your life and how that school fits into your plans.

As far as scholarships go, try

Go on and get started with those three topics, if you like. They will work for most colleges. (I had some applications that had a lot of very specific questions, but those were mostly Ivy League schools.) The event that meant something or changed your life will work for a topic of personal choice.

Additionally, as far as scholarships go, the scholarships that the institutions award go to those who qualify on a first come first serve basis. In other words, get your apps in early. I had mine in by Thanksgiving and received tuition for two or three schools and full rides to four or five schools. From December on out, look and apply for scholarships! Talk to the counselors at your school. I think they gave a list out at my school in late November of scholarships publish by the month the app was due. Check in September to see if your school does this. If they do not, it may put fire under their tails to start.

But most importantly get those apps with all supporting documents in early!

Hugh Said:

what big companies offer scholarships with no essay required?

We Answered:

You can go on the internet and find a lot. Also, there's always postings in the financial aid office at school. Good luck. Just type in scholarships in Google. Wah-la.

Valerie Said:

Scholarships that do not require an essay? ?

We Answered:

i don't know of any specific ones off the top of my head, but i'd say try if you haven't already. they have all different kinds of scholarships. you can set up an account and it will tell you which ones are essay contests and which ones are academic i'm pretty sure. however, i would recommend making a dummy email address for it or putting in an email address you don't use too much because it notifies you of new scholarships and scholarship deadlines, which sounds like a good thing, but for me it got annoying.

also make sure Baylor doesn't offer any scholarships you missed because applying for scholarships directly from a school is generally a much easier process and some don't require essays.

unfortunately it's hard to avoid essays though. i feel your pain on that one. i'm a very slow writer.

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