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Michigan Scholarships And Grants

Marilyn Said:

Is the job market and the opportunity to attend college better in Ohio than Michigan?

We Answered:

The three largest sectors of employment in cleveland are education,health services, manufacturing. Cleveland Clinic is the largest employer in the region. Are unemployment rates are high though as result home affordability have increased.

Lydia Said:

University of Michigan Vs. NYU? Help!!!?

We Answered:

NYU by far!!! You have stability, support group, familiar location, and diversity. Michigan is overall, boring and unfamiliar...fear the unknown.

Eileen Said:

I want to be a cop, but how can I affford to pay for college?? Any grants or scholarships for this field?

We Answered:

Part-time students can obtain Federal Pell grants and Federal SEO Grants. If you are attending at least half-time, you can also receive Federal Stafford Loans.

Additionally, schools are allowed to offer pro-rated amounts of Federal Perkins Loan funding to part-time students -- if you plan to become a cop, go for the Perkins loans, which can be forgiven (i.e. "cancelled" or "discharged") in full after you are work full-time for 5 years in a law enforement position.

If you seek out other forms of funding such as private scholarships, grants, and fellowships, make sure you check with the donor to see if they will provide for part-time attendance.

Valerie Said:

Where is the best place to start learning about scholarships and grants (Michigan State University)?

We Answered:

To learn more about scholarships and grants. Check out with your college admission counselor, college financial officer, if you are a high school student, check with your guidance counselor. All these people I have listed have tons of information about scholarships and grants and can answer any questions you have about them. Also check with MSU website.

If you want to apply for scholarships here are some website you can check out:…

As for grants…
Here are some grants…

You can also check out your local library, Barnes and Noble, etc for more information about scholarship and grants.

Good luck!

Clinton Said:

What happens with the money left from scholarships and grants?

We Answered:

check with aid office because if u take that money and 5 years from now...uncle sam will come knocking!!

Timothy Said:

URGENT: How do I apply for these grants? Through FAFSA?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Debbie Said:

out of state grants and scholarships?

We Answered:

You need to fill out the FAFSA form which is how you get federal grants and make sure to put the college you want to attend. You are not limited in federal funding to only attending state schools in your state, but the rules for scholarships are different for each scholarship. Many times for a school if you fill out their financial aid forms you are considered for certain scholarships while other times you need to directly apply.

Contact the school Financial Aid office, they are the best source of information.

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