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Medical School Scholarships And Grants

Jean Said:

Does anyone know any sites for a High School freshman to find scholarships or grants?

We Answered:

A big scholarship site is
And if you want to look around a bit, there's a site where you make a college type profile called, you just fill in things about you and school things and such and colleges request information from you.. I got 32 requests in one month!

Oscar Said:

Are scholarships and grants available for medical school applicants?

We Answered:

Don't hold your breath waiting on a free-ride to a good school unless you are truly spectacular. All the students who make it to med school have good credentials and have set themselves apart from the masses in some way and they are not getting free rides. Financial aid is available. Some scholarships and grants, mostly loans though. I don't know a single physician who received a free ride or anything close to it from an American med school. And I know hundreds of doctors.

Pearl Said:

Do medical schools accept scholarships?

We Answered:

I think any school accepts scholarships, since it's just someone else paying your fees, but check with the particular school just to be sure.

Ryan Said:

I need help in some help with a medical school question..?

We Answered:

The cost of medical school varies significantly, mostly depending on whether you attend a state university or a private school. The low end can be about $12,000/year to over $60,000/year.

The average med school graduates has around $200,000 debt (this includes tuition and cost of living expenses). The good news is that the average physician retires that debt in 7 years.

Scholarships for med school are rare to nonexistent. The only programs that I am aware of are the National Health Service Corps ( and the military's medical school:

Annette Said:

Can you go to medical school while paying of your college student loans...?

We Answered:


Yes, students can (and pretty much always do) attend medical school after having already run up undergraduate educational debt. As long as you remain continuously enrolled in school (moving from your undergrad program directly into med school the following year), your repayment obligation on your student loans does not kick in. This characteristic of student loans is known as an "in-school deferment".

Keep something very important in mind, as you contemplate an eventual future as a medical school student - the average med school grad graduates with about $140,000 in student loan debt. That's right - $140,000. And just in case you think that the average is skewed by a few borrowers who borrow a lot more than everyone else - something like 65% of all med school grads have at least $100,000 in debt.

Can you go to med school on scholarship? Probably not. There is such a thing as a medical school scholarship, but scholarships are far more commonplace in undergraduate education. The government's financial aid grants are all reserved for undergrads. Students who want to attend professional schools and graduate schools are pretty much responsible for their own expenses - which leads to heavy borrowing. Also remember that med school residents are paid - a reasonable salary for an MD resident would be around $50,000 a year.

With your family's financial situation, you should be eligible for a good amount of aid as an undergrad - and now is the time to save, if you hope to attend medical school in the future.

One more thing worth knowing about - the government offers loan forgiveness programs for doctors who agree to work for several years in underserved areas of the country. The salaries are low and the work is quite challenging, but it can lead to forgiveness of a good portion of your educational debt. After spending 10-15 years in "college", training for a career in medicine, most new doctors are more interested in pursuing more lucrative opportunities - and - those with extreme debt may not be in a position to take on these kinds of low paying jobs.

Good luck to you - I hope that information helps you with your planning.

Virginia Said:

Paying and preparing for Grad school? Grants and Scholarships?

We Answered:

Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.…

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