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Low Income Scholarships

Ted Said:

What kind of scholarships do they have for low income families?

We Answered:

Usually, if you apply for a student loan through FAFSA, you need to submit your and your parents tax records for the previous years (usually the last two) and then you would be considered for grants or scholarships based on need. I think it is qualified under "financial hardship grant". That's the one that I got.

Marc Said:

are they any kind of scholarships for low income college students?

We Answered:

Tons of them! But YOU have to go looking for them. A good place to start is

Carole Said:

grants and scholarships for low income students for Pine County, MN?

We Answered:

First, you need to fill out the FAFSA(Free Application for Student Aid), you get fill this out online at, pick up an application from your high school counselor office or the college's financial aid office. This will be the application any government grants, college grants and scholarships, and federal loan programs. After you do that, you may opt to search for additional scholarships on websites like, there are more sites like this as well, you can access them from You can also check with the school's financial aid office for any endowed scholarships they might offer. Your third and last alternative is private loans which gain interest on them while you're in school. There are plenty of banks and companies that offer student loans. My personal favorite is Citiassist found at For these loans you must have a co-signer if you are not credit worthy. I hope this information is of some use to you! Good luck!

Sara Said:

What are some good scholarships high school freshmen can apply for, that don't require a low income?

We Answered:

The best thing at this point is to join several free membership scholarship search websites. All you would need to do is enter a profile, and it will search scholarships. These tend to be national in nature. There is a scholarship for almost anything out there. I recommend updating it as things change over time. I will include some free resources below.

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