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Law Enforcement Scholarships

Vivian Said:

What is the best way to earn a federal law enforcement position?

We Answered:

get a 4 year degree

Manuel Said:

how do i find scholarships for my daughter ? I never went to college, and dont know what to do?

We Answered:

Well, you are asking many questions, so I will try my best to answer them...

Depending on the state you live, that will determine what type of financial assistance is offered to students... the first thing is to see if your daughter took her SAT's?
Then she needs to file the FAFSA application... The web page is:
There are also deadlines and other information that will heavily determine her amount of aid.. in addition, your income and maybe the monetary amount she received from her settlement... so more than likely, her settlement will impact her aid...

However, she can apply for different scholarships that will not care about her income... many stores offer scholarships, such as KFC, Target, Kohls, etc... but many do require community service....

Good luck!

Kim Said:

what is the correct degree for going into law enforcement?

We Answered:

This is a very interesting question. Some police departments prefer a degree in Criminology but others discourage knowing too much Criminology before getting experience.
I would check with the department to see how they feel about Criminology or Criminal Justice degrees.

Gwendolyn Said:

Applying for DEA academy. Do i have a good shot? Law enforcement or Military for prior experience?

We Answered:

A few years back I thought about getting out of the Marines and joining the DEA. The person I spoke to at their recruiting office asked me if I had a 4 year degree.

I said that I did not, but I did have 6 years in the Marines. She told me that my military service did not matter because they were looking for people with college degrees.

I asked what kind of degree they were looking for and she said "Any degree is fine."

I now have a bachelors degree, but I don't think I would want to work with the caliber of people that are hired by the DEA.

Steven Said:

need scholarships!!!?

We Answered:

Apply at your highschool, now before graduation. Also, check at your parents employers, they often offer scholarships to help families. Local clubs in your community. Online there is a ton of sites. There is also a book now revealing numerous places to get scholarships.The college or trade school you go to can also help you. Fill out a FAFSA form too! Try these sites:

Michele Said:


We Answered:

Neither is a very good route, but I think that political science is the best choice with a minor in sociology./

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