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International Undergraduate Scholarships

Lisa Said:

International Undergraduate Scholarships.?

We Answered:

go to and make an account it gives you new scholarships everyday.

Arlene Said:

are there any full scholarships available for international undergraduates in some well known universities?

We Answered:

Lafango is currently hosting an international scholarship essay contest

Good Luck!

Maxine Said:

Does USC offer scholarships for international UNDERGRADUATE students ?

We Answered:

There are likely some, but i wouldn't count on them being very large. USC is a popular school and gets many applicants. If there is a needy American student w decent grades you can count on him/her getting scholarship money over an international student. An American Uni's main priority is its American students, as we do not have the luxury of having cheap higher education options that students in many other countries are fortunate enough to have. You are making the choice to come to America for uni, no one is forcing you, so expect to pick up the heavy tab when you enroll here and don't complain about the lack of handouts...

Linda Said:

what do you need to get a international undergraduate scholarship from mcgill university?

We Answered:

I found some info about getting this scholarship online in this scholarship database -

Renee Said:

Full undergraduate scholarships for international students?

We Answered:

Here is a good website about coming to the US to go to school. There is a good section about financial aid...

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