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Illinois Scholarships And Grants

Irene Said:

I am looking for college scholarships and grants.?

We Answered:

The financial aid office at that school will have a federal application for loans and grants. The Pell grant is on as I've used it while pursuing a degree. There are other grants too. One requirement is that you maintain a minimum of a 2.0gpa otherwise they'll pull your grant funds. But everyone who receives college financial assistance is required to fill out these forms.

Check the link below. Good info.

Ron Said:

Where's the best place to look for Scholarships, Grants, etc?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Harry Said:

I want to apply for grants for college, do you know of any?

We Answered:

Depending on the healthcare program, it can be pretty intense time wise which can eliminate having a job in some cases. The FAFSA is the program that offers the Pell Grant which is a percentage of income program and also takes into consideration the household size. Also, the Illinois government has programs to assist single mothers go to school in areas such as childcare, health insurance, food stamps, heating assitance). My divorced friend (has a son) has utilized both of these programs when she returned to college. I am including some resources to help you out in your quest to attend college. Good luck!

Connie Said:

How much money in scholarships did University of Wisconsin Madison? (out of state)?

We Answered:

I found some info about getting this scholarship online in this scholarship database -

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