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Graduate School Scholarships For Women

Arthur Said:

I want to go to Harvard Graduate school, am I a competitive applicant?

We Answered:

You couldn't find minimum MAT scores, because Harvard requires the GRE. If you take and do well on the GRE you're definitely a competitive applicant for a master's in education (which probably has the highest acceptance rate of any graduate degree at Harvard).

Good luck!

Christina Said:

Who's more likely to over-borrow for education - men or women?

We Answered:


As a disability pensioner (seven major injuries, severe hearing loss, inner ear problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I can attend many institutions free - if I attend fee-paying courses, I can borrow against the student loan system, and the chances that I will ever pay it back are pretty remote - until the government moves the goal posts, which is inevitable - look at what they did with 'child support' here to balance the CSA's budget! - A 'minimum levy' was placed against even those on sub-survuval wages, regardless of the recipient's income level! The day will come when they will throw their hands in the air, and start to say that all those hash-slingers at Macca's on $3 an hour will need to cough up something to pay for their student loan, just to be 'responsible'.

With the decline of the West, pushed dramatically by feminism (see my response to John McGina's question about the best thing feminism has done etc), it is inevitable that the market will be flooded with over-educated monkeys who simply will not be able to get a job commensurate with their level of 'education'.

So - the whole system is in freefall - you just haven't realised it yet. Why do you think the feminists are still scrambling for as much of the pie as they can get their hands on before The Crash, with the continuation of upgrading AA/EEO and so on?

Russell Said:

Help me find a scholarship for graduating high school mothers.?

We Answered:

If you plan on going for a teaching degree, you shouldn't have much trouble getting financial help. Even the FAFSA asks if you plan on doing teaching. I found another yahoo answer that gave a long list of information. I also looked up Lamar University, and assuming it's the one you plan on attending, they do have education scholarships listed. If you can't get one your first year, there's still the year after that. I don't know your grades so there's no way to tell.

And you should apply for FAFSA, even if it's just to get a federal loan.

Marc Said:

Where to find FUNDING for GRAD SCHOOL (for minorities specifically)?

We Answered:

I would say go to your university department, most specialized fellowships or scholarships are usually posted there since they are more specific than for the undergrad students.

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