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Free Scholarships And Grants

Hector Said:

Where can I find real scholarships, grants, or free services?

We Answered:

there are a lot of websites that can help you find scholarships.

There are so many, and I have found a lot of specific ones to me on these sites. So hopefully that will help. Good luck!

Jessie Said:

What are the best free scholarships and grants for college, no fees or dues for information?

We Answered:

Fill out he FAFSA which will help you get money from your school itself. is a good site to set up a free account and see what scholarships you are eligible for

Kathy Said:

Anyone know of any good sites for scholarships/grants/free money programs for college?

We Answered:

Jean Said:

Where can I get info for free grants and scholarships for college?

We Answered:

1. Check out

2. The high school couselling office should have information available on lots of local scholarships- if not they should be able to point you in the right direction

3. Research the colleges you're interested in and apply for scholarships that apply (academic, multicultural/diversity, special talent, drama, sports, music, leadership, volunteer service

4. Check out your local community foundation, Lions, Elk, Kewanis, Rotary Club, etc. if your counseling office isn't helpful

5. apply, apply, apply! (and fill out the FAFSA paperwork as soon as it's available) May your efforts be blessed!

Hugh Said:

How much free money(Scholarships and Grants) can I expect to receive using Fafsa with a parent income of....?

We Answered:

Fafsa isn't an application for scholarships, so you'd get no scholarships.
You would not be eligible for Pell grants or Subsidized Stafford loans. You would qualify for an Unsubsidized Stafford loan (prob 3,500 if you are a college freshman) and parent PLUS loans. The amount of the PLUS loan would depend on the cost of your school. Here is a good book explaining the formula and the max loan amounts.

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