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Financial Aid Scholarships

Billy Said:

Fashion institute of Technology financial aid and scholarships?

We Answered:


Associate-level in-state residents:
$1646.00 / semester

Associate-level out-of-state residents:
$4938.00 / semester

Baccalaureate-level in-state residents:
$2283.50 / semester

Baccalaureate-level out-of-state residents:
$5570.00 / semester

Graduate-level in-state residents:
$3622.50 / semester

Graduate-level out-of-state residents:
$5733.00 / semester

You can apply for financial aid to attend FIT at

Yolanda Said:

What's the difference between financial aid & scholarships? (specifically at Columbia U.)?

We Answered:

You will not automatically get financial aid. You will have to go to to apply. It is hard to say how much you will get until you have done this.You will want to select fill out your fafsa, and select 08-09 school year. You will need your and possibly your parents 07 tax return if filed. You will get an EFC (expected family contribution) number after you do this, and the lower the number the higher the award you will get. This is also where you go to see if you can get student loans, if you don't get enough financial aid. Then you have to contact your school's financial aid office to make sure you don't have any other requirements to do. They will then determine if you will get any financial aid or not. You can also ask them about scholarships. You can also apply for scholarships at

Sam Said:

does NYU offer any financial aid/scholarships to international students?

We Answered:

All colleges off financial aid to the students they feel deserve it the most. If you are a good student, you will probably get some amount of financial aid.

Kim Said:

Can you get financial aid. Scholarships for a private high school?

We Answered:

You can't get any financial aid or scholarships for high school, private or not. Scholarships and F.A. is only available for college.

Christina Said:

What Financial Aid, Scholarships, Tuition-Free Colleges are there around the world?

We Answered:

United States:

A) Need-blind Colleges

1) Amherst College
2) Dartmouth College
3) Harvard University
4) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
5) Princeton University
6) Yale University

B) Generous Need-sensitive Colleges

1) Williams College
2) Middlebury College
3) Swarthmore College
4) Vassar College
5) Vanderbilt University

C) Merit-based Scholarships from Colleges

1) Wesleyan University. Freeman Asian Scholars program for 11 Asian students which covers full tuition for four years.
2) University of Richmond. Full tuition scholarships to up to 12 Science Scholars, 20 Boatwright Scholars, 6 Artist Scholars, 7 Oldham Scholars (this includes room and board)
3) University of Southern California (USC) - 100 full tuition scholarships and more than 200 half tuition scholarships
4) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) - 70 Johnston Scholarships for entering freshmen
5) Washington and Lee University (W&L) - Johnson Scholarships

D) Tuition-Free Colleges

1) Berea College. Preference for students from low-income families.
2) The Cooper Union. Requires a U.S. mailing address to apply.


-- Government Scholarships --
Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

-- University Scholarships --
There are three public universities in Singapore – National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and Singapore Management University (SMU). There are in total 12! different scholarships across the 3 universities that cover up to full tuition costs and benefits. International students have to compete with local students for such places and interviews may be required. Also, as part of the Tuition Grant Scheme, non-Singaporean students of the three public universities have to work in Singapore for three years upon graduation.


-- Government Scholarships --
Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho – MEXT)


-- Government Scholarships --
Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme

South Korea:

-- Government Scholarships --
Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students for an Undergraduate Course


-- Government Scholarships --
Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme

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