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Fast Web Scholarships

Tom Said:

Fast Web Scholarships....?

We Answered:

You would be notified of this by letter from the actual agency. Fastweb just helps you find the scholarship, it does not give them out.

Jane Said:

Are the scholarships advertised in Fast Web real?

We Answered:

Fastweb is devoted to providing scholarship information for college students and prospectives. All the scholarships listed are real scholarships. The great thing about Fastweb is that it consolidates scholarship information that one would normally have to search all over the web for. From the website, you get information about the scholarship itself, its deadline, the award money and the scholarship website.

Miriam Said:

Seriously has anyone ever won a scholarship on fast web?? If Yes How much? What's the name of the scholarship?

We Answered:

None at the moment. I didn't try too hard though. I was already discouraged from the sites and the spam I got from sites that were linked from fastweb. However, it is sometimes a good source to look for scholarships.

Byron Said:

Scholarship Websites Besides Fast Web and

We Answered:

ron brown
horatio alger
frank and eva buck
general motors minority scholars
erin peterson fund
gates millineum scholars

Jessie Said:

other then fast web, cappex and zinch what other websites are good to go to for college scholarships and grant?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Heidi Said:

Fast Web for scholarships?

We Answered:

I've tryed a lot of times in fastweb, and personally have not won anything. I've heard from others as well that they have tryed for years and not won anything.

I'm sure you're better off applying for scholarships through your financial aid adviser.

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