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Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Shawn Said:

Where can I still apply for an engineering scholarship?

We Answered:

Go to this site, copy and past it into your web browser-… - and on the left hand side you will see a link that says Recommended Sites. Click on that, and the first recommended site is a scholarship search engine. You can sign up for free, you build a simple virtual folder and then this website will find scholarships (engineering scholarships) that match your qualifications and interests (based on your virtual folder.) The questions it asks to you when you sign up are kind of annoying but it is worth filling out everything because that way you get matched with more scholarships. Not only will they find scholarships for you, but they will double any scholarship you win through them. It is a great student help program. Good Luck!

Marian Said:

I am a student with Bsc mech engineering in ***. with a 3rd class hon. i want to te electrical as masters help?

We Answered:

Hi - You need to 2.2 > to get on a Masters course. Since you got a third, there are a couple of options for you.

Get a job, i.e a proper full time job and in a few years when you have full industry experience you can enroll on a Masters (the company will 'sponsor' you). This is the most common route people go down to do a Masters.

Alternatively, you will have to repeat 1 or 2 modules from the 3rd year to boost your mark up to a 2.2. Chances are though this will mean it will be another year before you can enroll onto the Masters.

Hope this helps. Feel free to message me if your stuck!

Glenn Said:

What to do if I want to get a PhD scholarship in electrical engineering at USA ,Canada or Europe?

We Answered:

This page: will show you all the Ph.D. programmes in EE in Canada and the precise name of the programme with an appropriate link for you to seek further information. Good luck.

Marian Said:

How can I get a scholarship at UCLA electrical engineering as an international student on F1 visa next year?

We Answered:

Dear Hope you can find the scholarships for your degree from the below websites

For Scholarships In UK

For Scholarships In Canada

For Scholarships In India

For Scholarships In Australia

For Norwegian Government scholarships

For Scholarships In Newzealand

For Scholarships from the French government

Other Scholarships Resources

Visit :


Francis Said:

what can I do to get free scholarship to study electrical engineering?

We Answered:

Go Military. Great training, great experience, excellent college benefits.

Jeffery Said:

How can electrical engineering degree can be utilized in food industry?

We Answered:

The design of Supermarkets and Warehouses involve electrical engineers for their design (electrical distribution). Some chains even have their own engineering departments to do the designs in-house. I had a job interview for one about 15 years ago, but I didn't get the job.

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