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Culinary Scholarships And Grants

Roger Said:

Can I get a grant or scholarship to attend a culinary school where I would only earn a diploma?

We Answered:

Well, this is a situation that is very hard to handle sometimes. You may be better off going to a culinary college that you can apply for financial aid or scholarships, and the school may have day care on the campus or schools in the area for older children. But call whichever school and research to see which is best for you. Even when just earning a diploma, different schools have different policies and scholarships or payment plans, and sometimes they have an agreement with certain banks to help you take out a loan if necessary. In that case, take up a field that the annual pay is high enough that you can pay the loan and pay all you and your childrens living expenses. I have also heard that if you will work for at least 20 hours that welfare will pay for you to go to training.

Ernest Said:

Anyone know any good Culinary Scholarship and Grants Websites?

We Answered:

Here You Go Babyface!!………

Good Luck MaMa!!!

Kyle Said:

What are the Scholarships and Grants I can get for Culinary Schools?

We Answered:

If the school is approved for federal finaincal aid you may be able to get the Pell grant and state grants if you are considered low income. The website to apply is This is a really good book about the different kinds of aid you are applying for and the amounts of each. Scholarships will be best found by contacting the school you plan on attending. Many schools have their own scholarship programs.…

Shannon Said:

Anyone know any scholarship sites for culinary?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Eduardo Said:

How do I get to culinary school?

We Answered:

The top Culinary school in the world is Culinary School of America in NYC. That's the only good advice I can give you. Hope that helps a little bit :).

Aaron Said:

I want to go to a culinary school in france. So what are some good schools and can I get a us grants?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Denise Said:

Where can i find culinary scholarship and grant info?

We Answered:

Lafango is currently hosting a scholarship essay contest

Hope this helps!

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