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College Scholarships For Single Mothers

Maurice Said:

Anyone know if there are any kind of college scholarship for single mothers and/or elementary education majors?

We Answered:

Single moms... No. try for general scholarships. Or google scholarships.

Elementary teachers- check with your state. Many states offer scholarships to those wanting to teach. I know Illinois has the Golden Apple program it's 4K per year for four years for a total of 16,000.

But be careful- no internet site should ask you for a membership fee or any type of money to browse for scholarships!
Good luck!

Dana Said:

Do you think it is fair that single teen mothers get full college scholarships just because they have a baby?

We Answered:

they don't get full college scholarships.

Willie Said:

College scholarships for students with single mothers?!!?

We Answered:

yes there are check out… for more information...

Charlotte Said:

Where can I find good scholarships for single mothers?

We Answered:

there is no "special treatment" for women like your self, you have to go out of your way and look for a university or adult college to attend. You are an adult and you made the choice to have children, why exactly are you expecting special treatment. Just so you know, if you want something, you go hard to get it, there's thousands and thousands of other people in the world who are pursuing the same thing and if you're waiting for someone to carry you to your destination, think again.
EDIT: single mothers don't happen to be a minority in the society and i'm not being mean, just stating facts. The fact is someone is still going to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. In universities, they offer about 300 places per course(of course depending on the course), over 5000 people apply for a course that offers a place for 300 people, obviously those who are dedicated and ready to work hard for the places get taken. And being as you started the race issue shows the kind of person you are. You have just proven that maturity is not the number of years that your birth certificate says you have existed on this earth.
EDIT: Lol ok then. It seems you are the one who has problems accepting or even hearing the truth. If you knew about these colleges or universities that gave "special scholarships" to singles mothers because there is "tons of money"(I'm not sure if you noticed how gullible that sounded) why did you waste you time asking the question? Plus i answered this question because i can, i have the freedom to. Reply to your comment, yes there are schorlarships which are specially given to minorities, but it's not given to them wholly based on the fact that they are black or asian or latino. It is given to them because they are a minority and intelligent(worked hard to be recognised academically). If schorlarships were just given out on the basis of your race or ethnicity, almost everyone who is a minority and willing to go to university would be receiving free university education. Good luck with your search for a scholarship offered to single mothers, not because of their academic performance, but because they are single mothers.

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