College Football Scholarships

Delores Said:

How can i get a college football scholarship ?

We Answered:

play good

Duane Said:

How many football scholarships per college?

We Answered:

24 scholarships


How Many Schools: There are 92 schools that play football in the NAIA. The powerhouse NAIA programs include Carroll College and Georgetown (Ky.)

Scholarship Count: NAIA football programs are permitted 24 scholarships to be spread out in any way.

Scholarship Breakdown: Partial scholarships are common. Strong students meeting a certain academic criteria can receive aid without it counting toward the 24-scholarship limit

Alan Said:

What does it take to get a college football scholarship?

We Answered:

A decent highlight tape
at least 3 good varsity games (you individually)
and coach that can get you good exposure
great blocking techniques
all-around back
running blocking catching
good size
great strength
good footwork (jump roping is great)
good change of direction (suicides)

Suzanne Said:

How many scholarships are college football teams able to give out each year?

We Answered:

The first answer is wrong. By NCAA rules, each Division 1A school can give out a maximum of 85 football scholarships.

Bertha Said:

how do I find out how many college football scholarships each team has to offer this year?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Jamie Said:

where do i start to find out about college football scholarships?

We Answered:

Agnes Said:

chances of me getting offered a college football scholarship?

We Answered:

Don't worry about it. Just work to get as good as you can, and make good grades. If you're meant to be a college kicker, it will happen.

FYI, many colleges do not recruit kickers or even offer scholarships to incoming freshman kickers before they make the team. Unless you're insanely spectacular and are breaking high school records as a kicker you'll probably have to walk on somewhere. If you're good enough to play, you'll then be offered a scholarship.

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