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Air Force Scholarships

Andrew Said:

Want to become Air Force Officer, are AFROTC scholarships available when pursing a second undergrad degree?

We Answered:

Phil, if you graduated with honors, you should be fine. Especially if you indicate an interest in the 62 or 63 career field. You can even look into contracting. Those are fields that are always in demand, and a business degree can actually help. I say you go for it instead of trying to put it off.

Good luck to you, and feel free to contact me through Yahoo answers if you wish to discuss more options in the AF.

Pearl Said:

Applying for Air Force ROTC scholarships for out of state schools?

We Answered:

just go to university

Lydia Said:

What majors will Air Force ROTC give scholarships for?

We Answered:

They will pay for any major, but the technical majors do have a better chance to getting a scholarship. I had a decent GPA in high school, and JROTC experience, so I was able to get a scholarship under "any major."

Filling out your major is one place where you really do need to be honest with yourself. I've seen a number of people who put down an engineering major, because they thought it would up their chances of a scholarship, but two years later flunked out because they couldn't handle the academics required. I'm not a math/numbers guy...I have a literature degree, and I've actually found it's served me well in the Air Force. Pick three majors you genuinely want to do, and put them down. If you don't get picked up for a scholarship right away, join the AFROTC program anyway and apply for an in-college scholarship later.

Lauren Said:

What are some things you need to guarantee an Air Force Scholarship ?

We Answered:

Well the following would guarentee you :

1. a 4.0 GPA
2. a 1500+ SAT score

Franklin Said:

What are things I have to do in high school to guarantee an Air Force Scholarship from ROTC?

We Answered:

The above tips are good chances of increasing your odds. Also, if you were involved in JROTC, Boy Scouts or some other type of volunteering, that will also help. Make sure your physical fitness scores are high, and you have good recommendations from your teachers.

It is not true that you have to major in a certain area to win a ROTC scholarship. However, they have what they call 'technical' and 'non-technical' scholarships. If you win a technical scholarship, then you MUST major in Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry. I think meteorology might also count? Those are the most common types of scholarships, and most people who compete for a scholarship are majoring in one of those areas. If you want to major in a non technical area, such as Criminal Justice, then it will be MUCH harder to compete for a scholarship, and likely you will not get as much of your education paid for.

It's not IMPOSSIBLE though. I have a non-technical scholarship majoring in Biology and Classics. (It has always ticked me off that Chemistry counts as technical but Biology doesn't) The AF gives me $15,000/year for school and I get a monthly stipend plus some money for books. However, these are my stats (at least the ones I can remember) from HS.

3.8 GPA (Unweighted)
Top of my class in all advanced courses
1430 SAT (Before the SAT was changed)
Proficient in Spanish
Student Body VP
JR Class Representative
Key Club President,
Foreign Language Club
Youth Peer Court Lawyer
Hospital Volunteer (300+ hours)
Soroptomist Intl Award Winner
Track and Cross Country Varsity runner
Excellent recommendations from all my teachers
I applied to many of the Ivy Leagues, I finally decided on Claremont McKenna. If you haven't heard of it, look it up on the US News and World report rankings

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