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Marketing Graduate Programs

Marketing is at the very core of our economy, affecting financial outcomes that can change lives. In general, it applies to the process of targeting a specific population or group in order to sell a product. You may have taken courses in your undergraduate studies that will enhance your knowledge of marketing and its roots, but you are only part of the way there. It is doubtful that you could step right into a good marketing job after taking a few related courses in college.

So it's time to complete your education in a world as fascinating as it is complex. Earning a graduate degree in marketing will prepare you for a number of promising, high-power careers. An advanced degree may help you to quickly attain an upper-management level marketing position, which could be a stepping-stone on the way to a top corporate position. Think: Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, President or CEO of a large corporation. With a fine advanced education, none of these will be out of your reach.

If your talents and interests run to advertising or consumer advocacy, you couldn't do better than to earn yourself a graduate degree in marketing, for much the same reasons. You want a great career, not just a job.

A comprehensive marketing program at the graduate level will teach you how to write business plans and spot marketing trends. Its offered courses should include management, strategic planning, finance and digital marketing, among other related topics. To specialize in your particular niche, add global management, brand management, marketing analytics or digital marketing.

Whether your goal is to become a successful executive in the corporate world or to work for causes as the next Ralph Nader, either an MBA or a Ph.D in marketing will get you where you are going.

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