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Gray Middle School

Jennifer Said:

Middle school girls Greys anatomy fans only!?

We Answered:

Alex didn't die, they only killed off minor characters. the next ep won't air until the fall.

Seth Said:

What to wear for the first day of middle school.?

We Answered:

Well there are certain things you need in your closet at all time, which are:
A long black cardigan
A plain white vneck
A plain casual dress
Good fitting jeans
and for shoes you should have sandals, boots, and a pair of heels either in black, brown, or grey. Those are the most versatile clothes, so having them can work with any outfit almost.

I like to dress like not in t shirts or stuff like that. Though something I would suggest is a colorful tank or vneck shirt with a cardigan with some dark skinnies and either sandals, boots, heels - that's your choice. Then add a long silver necklace. You could also get the shirts with belts around the waist, which is very very cute and it flatters curves. Then there are cute dresses that are tight in the waist and come in a different variety of colors and patterns. I also like to use contrasting colors which is like wearing blue with orange, purple with yellow, and red with green. Though only wear the red and green around Christmas time! So like a yellow blouse with a purple necklace and purple bangles. Red and blue look good together. Also, red is the most noticeable color, so if you want to stand out, wear red!

Hope that helps!

Alex Said:

hairstyles and makeup for middle school uniform?

We Answered:……………………

A few great back to school hair tutorials that would look cute! Take a look, I hope Ive helped X

Bohemian hairstyles look great an all hair types. You can choose to wear your hair straight, curly or wavy depending on what you desire. Use a flat iron to make your hair sleek straight, a curling iron or hair rollers to create all types of curls and waving irons to create wavy hairstyles.

Accessorize your hair with cute headbands, hair clips, barrettes even hats for a more stylish look.
Look great, smile, be confident and everything will work out best for you.;…
Answer mine?

Kay Said:

I have the strictest school uniform code. How can I personalize my uniform? *going into middle school*

We Answered:

GEEZ!! It's like they are trying to make you be what they want you to be. That isn't right!

Anyways, try wearing cute nail polish, cute earrings, and shoes. And maybe a necklace and rings. And a scarf, if they allow that.

Jackie Said:

school? grays creek middle?

We Answered:

Is this a question about painting?

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