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Good Middle Schools

Randall Said:

Moving to San Antonio, TX Where is a good place to live and good middle schools?

We Answered:

You won't be disappointed if you look for housing on the North West side of town. So far it's one of the safest in the city. NISD is the best school district in San Antonio as well.

I would strongly suggest trying to get a home in Braun; the neighborhood is so nice as well as safe, it's about 15 minutes from La Cantera (shopping) where you'll find stores such as Nordstrom's, Macy's, Dillard's, Build-a-Bear (for the kids), you'll also find Target and Walmart about 5-10 minutes away. It's 15 minutes from Sea World in one direction, 15 minutes from Fiesta Texas in the opposite direction, 15 minutes from the Medical center. Everything you need is near. Plus the beautiful oak trees are a major plus in my opinion.

Heads up though this side of town is growing so rapidly the traffic can be pretty much at times. However, traffic is becoming a problem practically everywhere in the city with all the never ending construction. Enjoy your new city!!

Jessie Said:

What are some good grammar(elementary) & middle schools on the upper east side.?

We Answered:

Do you mean the Upper East Side of Manhattan?

You can use the sites below to evaluate the schools.

Greg Said:

Moving to Myrtle Beach, SC any good Middle Schools?

We Answered:

hi there,scroll the left hand side,click on the highlights..

zoom in on the capital letters on the map click for info and directions etc etc ..…

regards pops..

Gilbert Said:

Does anyone know any good middle schools in broward county?

We Answered:

There are huge number of Schools in Broward County and good one too.
Here is a link to the Schools in that area.

Jeffery Said:

Are there any good middle schools in Schaumburg IL?

We Answered:

No, they're all offence! but Hoffman Estates has some good middle schools

Daisy Said:

Are there any good middle schools in South Carolina??!!?

We Answered:

the ones around columbia and greenville are best....dorman, dutch fork, lexington.

Nora Said:

What are good middle schools and high schools in Temecula, C.A.?

We Answered:

Welcome to Temecula! As mentioned by another, depends on where you find your housing will dictate the schools. In general, Temecula has good schools, above average for the Riverside County. In our case, my daughters have attended Vintage Hills Elementary, Temecula Middle School and Temecula Valley High School. Very satisfied with the teachers and curriculum. All 3 of these schools are located not far from each other, 7 minutes farthest distance.

The 3 high schools are Temecula Valley High, Great Oak and Chaparral. All goods schools in my opinion. Big rivalry between all so expect to see bias opinions possibly!

Cost of living-depends from where you are coming from. Compared to the other southern Calif areas, Temecula is avg. No big differences that make it more expensive. Gas currently is $3.13/gallon. Natural gas and electricity costs depends on how much you use. It is very beautiful here. But our weather has more of the extremes than other areas being inland (but that's also why we have many wineries here). Summers can get warm. Summer can get to 100-102 but not everyday. You have those periods where for maybe 3-5 days in a row. But can stay in 90 degree range. Nights are awesome. Winter we get kind of cold, esp at night. Daytime temps I'd say are like 65-68, night can get down to low 40's-50s. I mention the weather because if you do not like the cold, you'll tend to run heater more and vice versa in summer the A/C more.

If I had to estimate for you, assuming you are in a 2000 sq ft house, single floor, no pool, running a/c and heater avg amount, your electricity: $70/mo, water: $35/mo.
Air quality here is good. You can see the stars at night and bright.
Very family oriented area. In my opinion, fairly young city so things are more new. Overall safe city.

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