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Geography Lesson Plans Middle School

Heidi Said:

What do i do? He literally tried to force me into something and i don't know if he likes me even?

We Answered:

Well if someone likes you they will always like you so he probably does like you and the joke he made didn't just come out of no where he probably wanted to say to see if you would say who told you that and see if you like him and when your friend told him you think 6th teacher is cute he was probably jealous i think he likes you and it seems like you like him because you would not be thinking about these stuff if you didn't like him. Hopefully i helped!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!:)

Erin Said:

What UC's can i get into if my gpa is 3.0 UC calulated? Can a high SAT score help me?

We Answered:

If you can get above 2000 on your SAT, you MIGHT have a shot at UC Irvine. This is only because they are noted for accepting people with lower GPAs but higher SAT scores; and vice versa.

However, all those D's are really going to mess you up. It is very unlikely that you would get into UC Davis. UC Santa Barbara is a stretch too. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I'm PRETTY sure that D's aren't counted as credit for the A-G requirements. It is good that you have retaken your math classes that you received D's in, but it looks bad that you had to do that twice. Most UC Applicants actually have an average of 5 years of math on their application. (Algebra & Geometry taken in middle school count.) I would suggest taking some classes at a community college during your senior year, in MATH to make up for your lack of math achievement.

I would highly suggest community college. I mean, it doesn't HURT to apply, and DEFINITELY highlight your depression when writing your essays, but make sure that you don't turn your essay into a pity party. You need to show how you overcame that depression. Colleges want students who will do well in their classes. College classes are difficult, especially at the UCs. If you are finding high school courses, this might be an indicator that you aren't quite ready for a UC, but don't worry! A community college will prepare you for this.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest that you apply to UC Merced and UC Riverside if you are really set on going to a UC.

...and for the record, the essays DO COUNT...A LOT

Ranked by importance
Tier 1= GPA, SAT, difficulty of classes
Tier 2= Essays, extracurriculars, awards
Tier 3= Classes taken senior year, SAT2s, additional non a-g coursework

The UCs can not base admissions on race since they are public institutions.

You DON'T need a 4.6 to get into a UC. In fact, the UC GPA is capped at 4.4.

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