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Fun Science Fair Projects For Middle School

Alma Said:

what are some great science fair projects?

We Answered:

try to look for soap-making... it's easy and fun!

Becky Said:


We Answered:

These sites have lots of science fair project ideas:………………

Alicia Said:

HELPP does any1 know a good science fair TITLE for middle school!!?

We Answered:

how does acid rain affect plant growth.

you get to turn plants brown! tons of fun.

do a google search on it.

Viola Said:

do you guys have an fun, interesting, science fair project ideas for my brother in middle school?

We Answered:

ok ok here's one.

Does the fabric you wear slow you down in water?

Go to the fabric store and get little pieces of 100% cotton, rayon, any kind of normal fabric.

Take it home, and cut out equal pieces of each ( has to be equal in order to eliminate the variables)

with super glue, or a hot glue gun, glue each piece of fabric to a penny.Now take a BIG clear pitcher of water, and tape a ruler on the top so that the ruler extends upward over the pitcher. Dropping at the same spot on the ruler everytime, with a stopwatch, time how long it takes each penny to sink to the bottom.

record your results.

the part where you explain how this is useful to society- swimmers do alot of things to cut donw their speed, wearing the right bathing suit could be one of them.

good luck!

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