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Mildred Said:

Am I in love with my bffl or is it just something else?

We Answered:

Heyy, im 18
Im bi too, i had a very similar story to that so i can kinda relate, buuuut ill be the drugged up one, my friend who i liked moved away and i ended up mixing with the wrong people and just started moving down the wrong path,i missed my friend heaps,she ended up coming back, but i still liked her, anyway she told me that she liked me and has for ages and i was suprised and over the moon, we ended up going out for 13 months...(: so just tell her how you feel. if you're best friends with this chick then something like this wouldnt ruin your friendship. I like a chick at the moment, (i have a bf) its just a crush, shes a lesbian but i told her anyway, she said that she was flattered and we're still best friends, we still hug eachother etc. dont deny it cause you'll just end up getting badly hurt. you dont want to find out that she liked you again and you missed your chance.

So just tell her and bite cha lip. Nothing bad is gonna happen.

Anita Said:

Would you go to a free Gaming Cafe?

We Answered:

of course i would

Francis Said:

What do you think about the name Gentry for a girl + Baby name game?

We Answered:

I like Gentry. =]

1. I am married to a very handsome bloke named Geoffrey, and we just were wed, so now we wanted to get a start on our family. We live near Warrington.

2. It's a girl. Her name is Desdemona Ghislaine Marie. Desdemona is from Othello. She's not my favourite character, but I love her name. (Ghislaine Marie is his mother's name).

3. Triplets for fun. I name them:
~Jericho Freyr
~Jeremiah Felix
~Jagger Finian

4. Triplets again.
~Marcy Rhiannon Elise (Marcy Playground is a band, Rhiannon is a song)
~Edith Marilyn Saoirse (Edith Piaf, Marilyn Manson who I know is a bloke, but I like his name and music!)
~Allegra Mandolin (Allegro is a musical term, Mandolin is an instrument)

5. I adopt twins locally. I name them Heathcliff Benedick and Beatrice Lenore. Lenore from Poe, Heathcliff is obvious, and Beatrice + Benedick from Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing).

6. We get a bulldog named Rocco.

Priscilla Said:

Realistic Baby Name Game?

We Answered:

1)Husband: Tucker James "Tuck"
Me: Savannah Alexis "Savvy"
2)We run into each other at Central Park. We go out to coffee and then he proposes. We have a big outdoor wedding in LA. We honeymoon in Italy!
3)Roman Bleu:…
4)Heath Cohen:…
5)Golden Retriever named Beau
6)Violet Olivia:…
Avery Hannah:…
7)Julian Henry:…
8)Casey Elisabeth Grace:…

Eddie Said:

Trying to reach a middle ground with another parent.Is it better to walk away?

We Answered:

You should tell her what you just told us. If that’s not good enough then it’s not. Your boy is going to need a lot of help and support, just like you say. If they don’t want to be a part of that there’s really nothing you can do about it. I’m sure all of us with children can understand how they might be freaked out by it, but what is it they expect you to do? Forbid him to talk about what’s probably the most important thing going on in his life? Even if you did that would be no guarantee he wouldn’t do it anyway.

Elizabeth Said:

How can I get into an MIT or a Caltech?

We Answered:

Your grades and test scores are good, and you are taking the most rigorous courseload at your school, right? Your science olympiad and study fair projects are good too - keep going with that. However as you guessed the most "stand-out" thing in your application is your video game development experience.

I bet all those other kids in your class with high GPAs will be applying to MIT and CalTech too. How can you make yourself stand out compared to them? Not by playing JV sports, or by otherwise doing the same activities and getting about the same grades and scores that they do.

You can differentiate yourself from them by showing that you have different passions and interests than they do; that you have greater initiative, greater self-motivation, and greater potential to do really incredible things. If computer science/video game development is your passion, then definitely make time for it; it sets you apart from your peers and will help you more in the long run than getting a few extra points on the SAT.

You mentioned that your school doesn't have a computer science program; maybe you could do a summer program in computer science, or take a college course, or do an independent study in it within your high school? Either way, I wouldn't drop it; it seems pretty much like the most important part of your application. Keep doing science fairs and playing sports if you enjoy them, too, but definitely make time for your video game development.

Information you may find useful:……… (MIT and Caltech will evaluate their applicants in basically the same way)…

Good luck.

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