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Fisher Middle School

Oscar Said:

do you know the answers to the questions about tangerine by Edward bloor?

We Answered:

I think the reason why you have got no answers to this question is because you have put it into the wrong section.

it should be in the book section

hope this helps

Carolyn Said:

Gilmore J. Fisher Middle School.?

We Answered:

umm false??

Esther Said:

school registration in ottawa,ontario???

We Answered:

Hope you get all the answers you want but all I can answer is the one about "middle school".
in Canada there are different grade levels for the splitting of schools but generally we call grades 7-9 Junior high. In some places that is grade 6-10. My experience is k-6 are elementary, 7-9 are junior high and 10-12 are high school.

Now when I started school in Ottawa in 1969 it was in 4 year old Kindergarten (though I was still 3) and school went all the up to grade 13.

I hope others can answer your other questions.

Gregory Said:

Can you review my persuasive essay please?

We Answered:

i don't even run a school and i want to create a woodshop.^_^
you make great points and i like your writing style. i have never really been a hands-on kind of person but this essay really makes me want to build something [tee-hee]
...anyways, i would give this a 5 out of 5.

Vickie Said:

im writing a book, tell me what you think..?

We Answered:

I love it!

It's really good!!!
Keep writing.

You're a great writer

Christian Said:

Middle School classmate kinda teased me years ago! Help?

We Answered:

Oh man can I relate. I had a horrible time when I moved back to my home town in 7th grade. All the girls here were all girly and wearing makeup and heels where as I wore Adidas and tie dyed shirts. Everyone picked on me because I was an easy target...different from all the others. Now, I am happily married with a great life, and a lot of those azzholes are still single and have gone bald. Lol. My point is, people get paid back. I guarantee Steven Fisher's life isn't all that great and that it wasn't back then. He probably had some issues at home or with his self-esteem and that is why he picked on you. If you ever see him, speak kindly to him and smile in his face...doing well is the sweetest revenge.

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